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Analytical Balances for Laboratory Applications

Analytical balances and Microbalances are precise weighing instruments used to measure mass in the sub-milligram range (up to 0.0001g). They are ideally suited to laboratory environments and can feature pipette calibration, formulation, small animal weighing and density determination applications; some modern digital weighing balances have built-in calibration masses and temperature monitoring to maintain accuracy.

We offer a huge selection of high-end and budget analytical balances to suit any price range. Our premium balances are designed for use by laboratory professionals, with class approved balances often being required for pharmaceutical production. Cheaper analytical balance models host a wide range of weighing applications perfect for university students and food testing. We are proud to announce that we stock the Eclipse range from Adam Equipment.

To achieve best possible results, it is recommended that analytical balances are used on a solid lab bench that is free of vibrations or alongside a purpose-built anti-vibration table.

Using an Analytical Balance

Analytical balances are high precision weighing scales for the most accurate weighing tasks, as a result, it is essential that your balance works optimally. Inscale offers a range of weighing scale accessories that can be used alongside your analytical balance to provide optimum weighing measurements.

Anti-Vibration Tables help stabilise the balance by decreasing vibrations from external sources, such as vehicles passing close by, or from a sudden breeze. Whilst density determination kits are used to weigh the mass of an object in the air, water and other liquids to determine the object's density. 

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  1. From: £949.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,050.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    80g to 320g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 0.0001g

    The Kern ABJ Analytical Balance is a low-cost standard analytical balance offering EC Type Approval Versions Class I M. Verifiable to 0.1mg.

  2. star 1 selected - rating 4.5star 2 selected - rating 4.5star 3 selected - rating 4.5star 4 selected - rating 4.5star 5 selected - rating 4.5 (customer on-site rating)
    From: £1,500.00  (Ex.VAT)

    The Adam Equinox, touch screen balance, is ideal for research and quality assurance facilities; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications needing exceptionally precise results.

    Adam Equipment's new Equinox range of professional analytical balances include a wider range of weighing modes than other analytical balance models including dynamic, percentage weighing, formulation, density determination and textile analysis.

  3. star 1 selected - rating 5star 2 selected - rating 5star 3 selected - rating 5star 4 selected - rating 5star 5 selected - rating 5 (customer on-site rating)
    From: £968.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,325.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    100g to 250g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 0.0001g

    The Eclipse range of analytical balances from Adam Equipment. Ideal for high precision weighing applications in professional laboratory, medical and research environments.

    Suitable for weighing chemicals and organic materials.

  4. star 1 selected - rating 5star 2 selected - rating 5star 3 selected - rating 5star 4 selected - rating 5star 5 selected - rating 5 (customer on-site rating)
    From: £615.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £875.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    80g to 250g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 0.0001g

    Adam's Nimbus series of analytical balances deliver a full spectrum of precision readabilities, ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g. Perfect for weighing and handling chemicals, powders and pharmaceutcials.

    Recent customers include universities and sheet metal manufacturers.

  5. From: £636.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £795.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    102g to 252g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 0.0001g

    A&D's HR analytical balances come with shatterproof breeze chamber to keep out drafts and neutralise vibrations, whilst an anti-static coating helps to dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber that could affect the weighing results. Professional, top-quality machines for precision weighing to 0.1mg readability in science labs, food testing and pharmaceutical production. Balances comes with a 4 years warranty.

    Recently purchased for structural engineering.

  6. From: £1,419.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,773.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    120g to 310g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 1.05g

    A&D GR trade approved analytical balances feature an internal automatic calibration function as well as an RS-232 data output and data logging as standard. Ideal for weighing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

    High-performance analytical balance suitable suitable for complex scientific experimentation.

  7. From: £1,312.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,640.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    120g to 310g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 1.05g

    A&D GR analytical balances are adaptable, laboratory weighing balances with internal automatic calibration and a tall draft shield measuring 8.64 inches in height for weighing tall flasks and tubes.

  8. From: £3,236.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £4,045.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    22g to 520g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 1.06g

    Exceptional-quality microbalance manufactured by A&D, the BM series includes inter-lockable sliding doors allowing efficient operation with both hands, whilst a built-in fan-less ionizer combined with anti-static glass breeze break and a thin evaporated metal coating ensures weighing stability and eliminates static build up inside the weighing chamber.

    Highest level of weighing precision available. Ideal for measuring hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical production.

  9. From: £1,080.00  (Ex.VAT)

    Solis analytical balances come complete with a high-resolution graphic display and the option to store up to 99 ingredients for advanced formulation.

    High-end laboratory balance perfectly suited to weighing hazardous chemicals and fine samples.

  10. From: £1,571.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,963.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range
    120g to 320g
    Readability Range
    0.0001g to 1.05g

    The GH series of trade approved analytical and semi-micro balances offer extra large weighing chambers with anti-static coated glass, automatic internal calibration and GLP compliant outputs with RS-232 as standard. Trade approved models are certified for buying a selling health products by weight.

    One of A&D's best analytical balances for high precision weighing and testing applications. UK trade certified model.

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Q: How accurate is an analytical balance?

A: The accuracy or precision of an analytical balance is model specific and will usually range from 0.1mg to 0.1g readability. Whilst this proves to be one of the most precise digital weighing scale types on the market, it is worth noting that as a rule, the pan size and capacity will be smaller in comparison to precision balances and other types of digital weighing scale. Due to its high precision, the analytical balance is a preferred option for lab based applications.

Q: How to calibrate an analytical balance?

A: To calibrate an analytical balance you will first need to know whether your balance uses internal or external calibration.

Analytical balances with internal calibration can be calibrated automatically by selecting the calibration option in your balance's setup/ calibration menu.

Analytical balances with external calibration will require approved calibration weights which need to be placed on the balance in sequence (using heavier weights to begin, such as 10g weights, moving through to more precise, lighter weights e.g 1mg). There are several Classes of calibration weights including M1, F1 and E2. Standard analytical balances require E2 class weights.

For more information on how to calibrate an analytical balance externally, please see our blog post on how to choose an analytical balance.

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