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Inscale Scales

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Popular Products

A selection of some of our currently most popular product ranges

  1. FH-M Digital Force Gauge

    FH-M Digital Force Gauge

    From £730.00 (ex VAT)

    Premium-quality force gauge manufactured by Sauter, FH-M force gauges include a wide variety of features including peak hold, real time and statistical analysis. Includes a sample rate of 2000Hz with an accuracy of 0.5%.
    Model Capacities:
    1000N - 1000KN
  2. GFK Floor Checkweighing Scales

    GFK Floor Checkweighing Scales

    From £265.00 (ex VAT)

    Adam Equipment's GFK Floor Checkweighing Scales offer speed, performance and value. The GFK offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting applications with fully selectable sample or unit weight.
    Model Capacities:
    60kg to 600kg
  3. Inscale IBW Portable Bench Scale

    Inscale IBW Portable Bench Scale

    From £110.00 (ex VAT)

    The Inscale IBW is an affordable portable bench scale offers quick and simple weighing, with a simple 6 key operation and colour coded keys for fast, easy operation. It has high resolution weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing and checkweighing features make it excellent value for money.
    Model Capacities:
    3000g to 30kg
  4. PTS Pallet Truck Scale

    PTS Pallet Truck Scale

    From £900.00 (ex VAT)

    The PTS Pallet truck scale offers an easy and cost-efficient way to manage, move and weigh heavy loads in industrial warehouses and factories. Heavy-duty reinforced steel pallet forks are generously sized and provide durable lifting capabilities.
    Model Capacities:
  5. Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    From £840.00 (ex VAT)

    The Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scales offer a high level of protection being IP65 rated, these scales are made from Stainless Steel making these platform scales a good choice for the food industry and other wet environments.
    Model Capacities:
    50kg to 300kg
  6. CPWplus Bench & Floor Scales

    CPWplus Bench & Floor Scales

    From £108.00 (ex VAT)

    The CPWplus platform scales are a multi-purpose compact scale, used for many every day applications, such as parcel weighing, but increasingly very popular with diet clubs and individual weighing, due to the light weight and portability of the scale.
    Model Capacities:
    6000g to 300kg
  7. Inscale IWS Waterproof Scale

    Inscale IWS Waterproof Scale

    From £109.00 (ex VAT)

    IWS bench scales are constructed from IP68-rated stainless steel with waterproof sealing. Ideal for food packing lines, professional kitchens and catering applications. IWS scales have a built-in checkweighing application with a red LED display, as well as adjustable high and low limits.
    Model Capacities:
    3kg to 30kg
  8. IPS Parcel Scale

    IPS Parcel Scale

    From £59.00 (ex VAT)

    Inscale's IPS parcel scale is a cheap, digital scale perfect for weighing post, parcels and packages. The scale can weigh in both lbs and kg and comes in a single capacity of 180kg with a plate size of 380 x 280mm base. The display is wall mountable away from the base for easy positioning anywhere.
    Model Capacities:
    180kg to 180kg
  9. AZextra Trade Approved Butcher Scales

    AZextra Trade Approved Butcher Scales

    From £150.00 (ex VAT)

    Adam Equipment's AZextra trade approved butcher scales are perfect for selling meat and fish by weight in butcher's shops, fishmongers and delicatessens. This EPOS scale offers exceptional value for money and is supplied with a certificate of conformity.
    Model Capacities:
    3000g to 30kg
  10. Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scales

    Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scales

    From £225.00 (ex VAT)

    The Cruiser CCT is Adam Equipment's brand new range of bench counting scales for precision parts counting operations in warehouse stock taking and inventory control procedures.
  11. Cruiser CKT Bench Checkweighing Scales

    Cruiser CKT Bench Checkweighing Scales

    From £225.00 (ex VAT)

    Brand new bench checkweighing scale manufactured by Adam Equipment, featuring audible checkweighing alarms, stainless steel top pan, and a colour changing backlit display to easily determine overweight, underweight and exact weight items.
  12. Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scales

    Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scales

    From £182.00 (ex VAT)

    UK trade approved and certified, Swift price computing scales are required to weigh when buying or selling a wide range of items including meat in butcher shops, produce at supermarkets and cosmetic products which specify a weight value on the label.
  13. AGB and AGF Bench and Floor Weighing Scales

    AGB and AGF Bench and Floor Weighing Scales

    From £450.00 (ex VAT)

    Ideal for industrial settings, AGB and AGF bench and floor scales feature a stainless steel indicator and sturdy construction, and are available in three platform sizes and a wide selection of capacities.
    Model Capacities:
    8kg to 600kg
  14. Luna Precision Balances

    Luna Precision Balances

    From £495.00 (ex VAT)

    The Adam Luna precision balance includes a easy-to-read 24mm digits in white on a black background that is ideal for research and science labs, high-level education, and production and manufacturing applications needing precision results.
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