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(Lines open 9am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri)

About Us

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Inscale Scales Company Profile

Inscale Ltd is a UK based company with over thirty years’ experience in the weighing industry. We believe in providing our customers with the best service available, which has given us an enviable reputation for quality, service and reliability.

We offer an extensive range of weighing scales, balances and accessories that are competitive in terms of price, features and convenience.

It is the policy of Inscale to provide our customers with a vast array of products that are competitive, cost effective and convenient. This enables the user to select the most suitable product in terms of specification and price. In most cases we can offer two or three alternatives in order to meet the customers price or performance expectations.

If you cannot find the system you require Inscale will find it for you. We have extensive contacts and will be pleased to put you in touch or supply the product you require on request.

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Popular Industries We Supply

Laboratory scales and Laboratory Balances - High precision scientific scales for measuring chemicals and hazardous materials. Ideal for pharmaceutical, Universities and other laboratory based environments.

Retail scales - Used in shops and market environments for selling by weight. We provide trade approved scales that are legally required when selling by weight. Includes price retailing scales and commercial counting Scales for parts and coin counting. Complete with label printing applications.

Industrial scales - Heavy duty scales for warehouses and industrial environments. Our industrial range includes: hanging scales and crane scales for safely lifting heavy loads; pallet scales including pallet beams and pallet trucks for convenient weighing where space is minimal; as well as a selection of robust bench scales, platform scales and washdown scales with checkweighing applications.

Jewellery scales - Portable jewellery scales and pocket scales for weighing gold, gems and other precious stones. Our selection of jewellery weighing scales have programmed carat measuring and are ideal for jewellers on the move.

Food scales - We provide digital food scales and produce scales for weighing fruit, vegetables and other products for distribution. Our selection of trade approved scales are ideal for food markets, restaurants and kitchens that work with portion sizes or are selling food by weight.

We also cater specifically to educationveterinary and medical sectors with a wide variety of specialised weighing scales including mechanical balances, column scales and chair weighers. Our weighing scale accessories include analogue and digital force gauges, calibration weights and anti-vibration tables to ensure precise weighing results.

If you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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