Waterproof & Washdown Scales

Our industrial waterproof scales have an IP rating that enables them to be washed, hosed down or used in wet conditions or environments. All digital weighing scales can be cleaned, but in the majority of cases, great care is required as water and electricity can interfere with electrical components.

All of our waterproof scales feature robust, water-resistant casing, with some washdown floor scales featuring sealed load cell components to better prevent water damage occurring within the internal components of the scale. Our new IWS waterproof bench scale is an IP68 rated scale constructed with fully sealed stainless steel housing for ultimate dust and waterproof protection. The IWS is a perfect choice for any harsh, wet environment from damp warehouses to shipyards.

Whilst the term 'washdown scale' implies that these devices can be washed without any lasting damage, it is ill advised to spray directly with a high-pressure hose or to submerge in the sink to clean.

We do also stock digital waterproof scales with an IP69K rating which means they can be washed with a hose and offer considerable protection against moisture and humidity. We do however recommend contacting us if you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on the best washdown scale for your needs!.

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