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3 Benefits of Platform Scales with Ramps

3 Benefits of Platform Scales with Ramps

Weighing heavy items is a frequent task in any industrial or commercial job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. Platform scales can handle the weight of various boxes and pallets with ease. However, the slight height can make loading these goods harder than it needs to be. That’s where ramps come in. Whether they’re built in or optional accessories, this blog will describe the three main benefits of platform scales with ramps as well as the top examples we’d recommend.  

1. Easier to Load Palletised Goods 

Pallet trucks are used as one of the primary methods of transporting palletised goods around a warehouse, factory, or other large area. Platform scales without ramps are approximately 110mm above the ground. This means it’s not possible to weigh the goods on the pallet – you have to lift the pallet onto the platform. Platform scales with ramps make weighing palletised goods instantly easier because you’re able to roll the pallet truck on and off. Our blog How to Weigh a Pallet gives tips and tricks for weighing effectively.  

2. Weighing Processes are Quicker and More Efficient 

Being able to roll your palletised goods on and off the platform scale has the additional benefit of saving you time and effort. Because of that small but significant gap between the floor and a platform scale without a ramp, you may have needed to transfer the goods onto the scale some other way. For example, transferring the pallet onto a fork truck, or even, for smaller items, loading them by hand. When you’re in a busy, fast paced warehouse environment, those extra few minutes make a difference. Rolling goods on and off a platform scale with ramps is quick and easy, improving the efficiency of your day. 

3. Saves Space in Your Business 

It’s important, especially for small businesses, to be picky about utilising space. Unfortunately, space is a finite resource. Not everyone has the room for a floor-mounted platform scale or a fork truck. Fortunately, a compact and convenient pallet truck enables the facilitation of heavy weighing. Or, in cases such as a laundrette, a laundry cart to help guarantee the machines aren’t overloaded.   

Our Top Platform Scales with Ramps 

Adam PTM Steel Drum & Barrel Scale 

Capacity: 500kg 

Readability: 100g 

Adam Equipment’s PTM Steel Drum & Barrel Scale features built-in ramps with a durable, non-slip mild steel surface. The PTM easily transports within industrial environments thanks to integrated wheels. This can potentially save the need to purchase multiple scales for different locations. Choose between two indicators: the affordable, entry-level GK or the IP68-rated AE 403. Customise your experience! 

Kern NFN Trade Approved Waterproof Drive Thru Scale 

Capacity: 600kg – 1500kg 

Readability: 200g – 500g 

The stainless-steel Kern NFN ramped platform scale is both IP68-rated waterproof and trade approved for pricing by weight, appropriate for a variety of uses. Whether you’re involved in a commercial operation, work in a wet or dirty location, or both, the NFN is a great choice.  

Adam PT Platform Scale & GK Indicator with Optional Ramp Accessories 

Capacity: 1 Tonne – 3 Tonne 

Readability: 200g – 500g 

Adam PT Platform Scales with GK Indicators are a versatile option when pallet trucks aren’t your primary means of loading goods on and off the scale. The ramps are optional accessories rather than built-in, so you can add and remove them as necessary. With a tough chequerplate surface and solid, mild steel structure with full welded joints, the PT Platform is up to any heavy-duty task you can throw at it.  

Alternatively… Kern UFB Approved Pallet Scale 

Capacity: 600kg – 1500kg 

Readability: 200g – 500g 

The Kern UFB Approved Pallet Scale can be a great alternative for a platform scale with a ramp. You could roll the pallet truck between the two beams and lower the pallet onto the scale for a weight. Because it's compact and features wheels, users can easily transport the UFB between areas and store it when not in use. The UFB is trade approved for commercial use.  

Need help with choosing platform scales with ramps? Speak to our team today! 


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