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Professional Weighing Scales and Balances UK
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Industrial Pallet Scales & Weigh Beams

We stock a selection of high-quality pallet scales manufactured by Adam Equipment with weight capacities up to 3000kg. Choose from a selection of solidly constructed scales with a variety of weight capacities, platform sizes, weighing functions and approvals.

Our pallet truck scales feature two durable forked beams that can safely fit through pallet slats for added stability. A large handle and wheels allow pallets to be moved around on warehouse floors safely and efficiently.

Pallet weigh beams are versatile weighing machines for operators requiring a greater degree of flexibility when weighing products. The beams come with thick, protective cables and two beams that can be moved closer together or further apart depending on the size of the pallets being weighed. After use, the beams can be easily stored away in storage rooms until required.

Pallet platform scales such as Adam's PT are constructed from mild steel and come complete with a diamond-patterned surface for enhanced grip that are perfect for weighing less stable objects. The platforms we sell offer large weighing pan sizes that allow multiple pallets to be stacked and weighed with ease. PT platforms can be combined with count and weight scale indicators for performing advanced checkweighing and check counting features.

If you require more information about any of our pallet weighing scales, please contact us.

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    £349.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £475.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    1000kg to 2000kg
    Readability Range
    0.2kg to 0.5kg

    AELP pallet weigh beams are highly versatile scales ideal for pallet weighing and other oversized weighing applications. AELP are easy to use and move, with built-in wheels and handles for mobility and can be customised with larger platforms, cages and cattle crush for weighing farm animals and heavy machinery.

    Can be combined with platforms for weighing heavy pallets, crates and large animals.

  2. star 1 selected - rating 3.5star 2 selected - rating 3.5star 3 selected - rating 3.5star 4 selected - rating 3.5star 5 not selected - rating 3.5 (customer on-site rating)
    From: £475.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range
    1000kg to 3000kg
    Readability Range
    0.2kg to 1kg

    PT platform scales are large heavy duty scales designed for weighing pallets, crates and large containers in busy industrial warehouse and factory environments. Manufactured by Adam Equipment with durable diamond-plate steel surface, adjustable levelling feet and up to 3000kg weight capacity. PT platforms are compatible with all Adam count and weight indicators for performing checkweighing, parts counting and dynamic/ animal weighing.

    Large industrial platform floor scale ideal for large and oversized items.

  3. star 1 selected - rating 4.5star 2 selected - rating 4.5star 3 selected - rating 4.5star 4 selected - rating 4.5star 5 selected - rating 4.5 (customer on-site rating)
    £900.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,150.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range
    Readability Range

    The PTS Pallet truck scale offers an easy and cost-efficient way to manage, move and weigh heavy loads in industrial warehouses and factories. Heavy-duty reinforced steel pallet forks are generously sized and provide durable lifting capabilities. A zero-radius pivoting handle provides exceptional maneuverability in tight spots with non-marking polyurethane wheels.

    Currently in high-demand as Brexit stockpiling and distribution places added pressure on warehouses, the PTS is a practical, heavy-duty scale that allows the simultaneous weighing and moving of crates or pallets for speedy distribution and logistics operations.

  4. From: £415.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range
    500kg to 500kg
    Readability Range
    100g to 100g

    The PTM steel drum and barrel scale is a multi-purpose, low-profile platform floor scale manufactured by Adam Equipment. PTM scales feature a mild steel non-slip surface ideal for weighing oversized oil drums, barrels and kegs.

    Durable, multi-purpose weighing platform with handles for easy transportation.

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Q: What is a pallet scale?

A pallet scale is a heavy-duty industrial weighing machine or weighing platform specifically designed for weighing large palleted goods in warehouse and distribution operations.

Q: Where are pallet scales used?

Pallet scales are specifically designed for industrial and commercial warehouse environments. These scales usually require large open space, and can be used to weigh and count pallets of stock before loading onto a truck or lorry prior and distributing to shops and stores; they can also be used to check that the pallets being loaded onto transport vessels do not exceed the carrying capacity.

These scales can be found in almost any type of warehouse, including postal centres, food packing facilities, furniture stores, logistics warehouses, automotive and manufacturing factories.

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