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What are top pan precision balances?

Top pan balances or top loading balances are balances that have a pan that not enclosed by a draft shield. The pan sits on the top of the balance for easy loading.

Top pan balances do not have a resolution requiring a draft shield to protect the weighing surface from disturbances such as wind, which can affect the reading on balances with finer readabilities.

Inscale offers a wide selection of top pan balances that feature high performance and high quality precision. Our selection of balances caters largely to laboratory-based applications and are frequently used for conducting science experiments in school, college and university chemistry labs; they are also used or to cover precise weighing functions. We supply a large range of top pan balances from Adam Equipment, A&D Weighing and Kern.

What are top pan precision balances used for?

Top pan balances are used to weigh solid masses where the result is not needed to be perfectly accurate, which is where an analytical balance may be used. Whilst top pan balances offer less readability than an analytical balance, they allow measurements to be made quickly thus making it a more convenient choice when exact measurements are not needed.

These products are used in laboratories or educational environments, although anywhere that requires a medium to high level of precision would benefit from using a top pan balance. All of our top loading balances above come with stainless steel pans for easy cleaning, allowing for the weighing of materials such as chemicals or powders.

Please view our selection of top pan precision balances from Adam Equipment, A&D and Kern. For any further information, please contact our team on 01908 972 660 or use our live chat tool.