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Buy bakery scales from Inscale Scales

Inscale stocks a wide selection of bakery scales for preparing and weighing baking ingredients. These instruments are durable and robust, and professional bakers can count on them to deliver high quality and accurate weighing results to help maintain consistency with every use.

A professional bakers scale can do far more than just basic weighing – our bakery scales come with a range of intuitive weighing functions that can make processes faster, simpler and more efficient, including parts counting and checkweighing. Many of our baking scales have a percentage weighing feature which enables users to weigh ingredients as a percentage of a reference weight, allowing users to change their overall batch sizes without having to having to recalculate ingredient weights.

We also stock a number of IP rated bakery scales that offer protection against water and solid ingress, meaning your instrument is safe from flour, sugar or spillages, and can be cleaned down thoroughly and kept more hygienic.

For more information on our range of professional bakers’ scales, please Get In Touch with us on 01908972660 or use our live chat function.

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