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What are portable balances?
Portable balances are balances that can be easily moved around to where they are needed. Generally the terms is used to refer to compact, lightweight balances that have capacity options up to around 6kg.

The term portable balances can include lab balances powered by batteries instead of being plugged in. Portable balances are typically used in many labs and in the field, and are a common option for education use.

Portable balances may also be used in veterinary settings and in kitchens, too.

Portable balances and portable scales for food weighing

Portable scales such as gram scales are commonly used for food weighing due to their ease of use and overall versatility. Gram scales refer to the act of measuring the weight of products in gram increments. They can be used for a series of food weighing applications including portion control, calorie counting and, for commercial environments, the weighing of food products to be sold.

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