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Buy jewellery scales from Inscale Scales

Jewellery scales are used by jewellers to weigh semi-precious stones, diamonds and gold in carats. They often feature as portable pocket scales or precision balances with a high readability for weighing in sub-milligram divisions.

There are a diverse range of jewellery scales available, from analytical balances that can weigh small items such as gold leaf or diamond chips, to bench scale and pocket scales that are designed to weigh anything from precious gemstones and metals, to custom jewellery sets such as diamond necklaces and bracelets.

Most of our digital weighing scales provide carat measurement for precise gold weighing and accurate jewellery valuations. Our most sophisticated carat balances such as A&D's FZ-i trade approved precision balance, offer a wider spectrum of weighing units including Troy Ounces for weighing precious metals in the UK, Mommes for measuring pearls, and Taels used for measuring precious metals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Inscale also provides trade approved scales required for buying and selling gold commercially, these are stamped units specifically for trade use and are generally identified by a black ‘M’ symbol. Battery-powered and pocket scales are also available for the jeweller on the move.

How do you weigh Jewellery?

As with any weighing procedure, ensure the scale is clean and correctly calibrated before use. You should then tare the scale (or set to zero). Next, simply place the desired jewellery onto the weighing pan and record the value shown. It’s important to note that some jewellery scales come with a carat measuring function as well as the regular grams unit. If your scale does not, to find the carat measurement simply multiply the gram reading by 5. For example: if an item were to weigh 1 gram, this would be equal to 5 carats.

What kind of scale do I need to weigh gold?

To weigh gold you must use a specific kind of jewellery scale that is commonly known as a gold weighing scale, which will mostly be a type of compact or top loading balance. These instruments differ from regular balances as they feature specific gold measuring units such as carats or troy ounces. For home use a regular gold scale can be used to estimate price, but commercial dealers, sellers and jewellers must legally use trade approved gold weighing scales when selling.

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