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Precision Balances


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What is a precision balance?

A precision balance is any balance that has a readability between 0.1g and 0.001g. These weighing devices are very precise in their measurements and can be used to weigh tiny items such as medical pills or chemicals. As you might expect, the average weighing scale user does not usually need such a precise product, and precision balances are far better suited to laboratories, medical facilities or educational environments.

Inscale stocks a wide range of precision balances from the likes of Adam Equipment, A&D and Kern. These brands have years of experience in precision balances and offer a selection of high quality, durable and accurate precision balances, all with different capacities and readabilities for maximum choice. Some come with specific attributes that make them more appropriate for certain lines of works, such as ingress protection and battery operation.

We also offer trade approved scales and balances if you plan on selling items with a price based on their weight.

There are many types of precision scale on the market and weighing features may differ from model to model depending on manufacturer, construction and overall intent. Therefore, we advise all customers to consider how they intend to use the scale before purchasing. For more information about any of our products, please Get In Touch.

Precision balance vs analytical balance

The difference between analytical balances and precision scales are usually confined to the degree of precision and the features utilised for this purpose. For example, if we compare Adam Equipment's Luna analytical and precision balances, we find that analytical balances provide a 0.0001g readability compared with 0.001g for the precision scale. However, the Luna precision balances have a greater capacity.