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What Does Dual-Range Mean for Your Weighing Scale?

You may have noticed while shopping on the Inscale site that some scale and balance models have two capacities and readabilities listed. This means that those models offer a dual-range, or dual capacity, weighing function. What does dual-range mean, and how can this function benefit you? This blog explains.

What Does Dual-Range Mean?

Most scales and balances are considered single-range, in that they have one set capacity and correlating readability. Dual-range, then, means that one scale or balance actually offers two capacities and readabilities. Let’s look at Adam Equipment’s Equinox Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance, which offers two dual-range models, one of which is the EAB 225i:

EAB 225i Dual Range Capacity

If you’re weighing an item on the EAB 225i that is less than 82 grams in weight, the readability will be 0.01 milligrams. If the item exceeds 82 grams, the readability will be 0.1 milligrams all the way to the balance’s capacity of 220g. This function is automatic – all you must do is put an item on the pan and the balance will immediately adjust to accommodate.

This function is most frequently found on analytical & semi-micro laboratory balances; however, you may see some retail and bench scales that also boast dual capacity.

Benefits of the Dual-Range Function

When analytical balances like the Equinox offer semi-micro models, they frequently feature dual capacity. This essentially combines the higher capacity of an analytical balance with the exceptional accuracy and precision of a semi-micro balance, creating an overall more exact and versatile user experience.

EAB Five-Place Analytical Balance

Bench and retail scales have higher capacities in general, however, those that feature a dual capacity function increase their adaptability significantly. For example, when a customer at a farmers market brings up one tomato and one watermelon for purchase. Dual capacity allows for the same retail scale to provide high precision weighing and price computing when measuring the one tomato and still be able to accommodate the much higher weight of the watermelon, which doesn’t require as much precision.

In addition, because one scale has the same functionality as two, you’re saving yourself both the cost and hassle of purchasing a secondary scale. Efficiency is improved tenfold, as it’s not necessary to switch back and forth between two balances or perform double the cleaning, calibration, and general upkeep. Training time? Cut in half! When you want a convenient scale, you need one with dual capacity.

Our Top Dual-Range Weighing Scales

All the scales and balances featured below offer a dual-range function, so we’re going to tell you what ELSE they do too!

Equinox Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance

Equinox Analytical Balance

Capacities: 62g/120g and 82g/220g

Readabilities: 0.01mg/0.1mg

The Equinox Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance offers two dual-range models, the EAB 125i and 225i. This balance is top-of-the-line, with a highly interactive and easy to use touchscreen for intuitive operation. Easily access the parts counting, checkweighing, formulation, peak hold, percentage weighing, density determination and dynamic animal weighing functions, oh my! Bring your laboratory to the pinnacle with the EAB.

Solis Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance

Solis Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance

Capacities: 62g/120g and 82g/220g

Readabilities: 0.01mg/0.1mg

Adam Equipment’s Solis Analytical & Semi-Micro Balance offers two dual-range models, the SAB 125i and the SAB 225i. Solis balances have the option to store up to 99 ingredients for advanced formulation, which helps ramp up your efficiency. Get highly precise results in no time!

Swift Price Computing Retail Scale

Swift SWZ Price Computing Retail Scale

Capacities: 1.5kg/3kg – 15kg/30kg

Readabilities: 0.5g/1g – 5g/10g

The Swift Price Computing Retail Scale offers eight dual-range models that are perfect for businesses both large and small that calculate prices based on weight. The Swift is built to make your life better, with three displays for weight, unit price and price to pay, as well as 161 PLUs (product look-ups) for ultimate memory storage. Tap in the PLU number for that tomato and the Swift will automatically calculate the price your customer will need to pay. Plop on a plump pumpkin and Swift is still the stellar choice.  

Kern GAB-N Trade Approved Bench Scale

Kern GAB-N Trade Approved Bench Scale

Capacities: 3kg/6kg – 15kg/30kg

Readabilities: 1g/2g – 5g/10g

The Kern GAB-N Trade Approved Bench Scale is perfect when you need both a mid and higher capacity scale that can also be used for pricing products by weight. The GAB-N can also perform checkweighing, summation, percent weighing and parts counting, increasing its versatility even more. When you’re short on space, the GAB-N has you covered, as it’s designed to be compact for ultimate convenience.

Bonus: CDT Dual Counting Scale

Adam CDT Dual Counting Scale

Capacities: 4kg – 48kg

Readabilities: 0.1g – 2g

The CDT Dual Counting Scale is our bonus product for this blog! The CDT doesn’t offer a dual capacity function on its own. Instead, it offers the ability to connect the scale to a secondary base, which can increase its capacity significantly. The CDT can be used on its own when necessary to save space, but when the time comes, connect the second base and start counting in greater quantities quickly and easily.


If you have any questions about dual capacity or what scale is best for you, contact the Inscale team at 01908 972 660 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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