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What Checkweighing Scale Is Right for Me?

Checkweighing scales come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a wide range of different industries to help speed up packaging, shipping and monitoring tasks. If you need help in selecting the correct checkweighing scale for your application, then read on as we give a detailed breakdown and give our recommendations on selecting the right instrument.

Need more information on what a checkweighing scale is? See our full guide here.

I need a checkweighing scale for shipping and distribution

For shipping and dispatch departments, we recommend the GFK Floor Checkweighing Scale. This industrial floor scale features a large, grade 304 stainless steel weighing pan that is perfect for weighing awkward shaped boxes and packages, with a detachable display to ensure you always get a clear view of the weight reading. The GFK also features a bright backlit LCD display with programmable LED lights to signal whether subjects are above, within or below the preset parameters – perfect for speeding up repetitive checkweighing tasks for busy distribution departments.  

I need a compact checkweighing scale

For a simple, dependable bench scale with a small footprint, the Adam LBX Latitude Compact Bench Scale is our recommendation. This is one of our most popular compact checkweighing scales as it blends a durable, ABS plastic build with a 255mm x 290mm compact design, small enough to fit in even the most compact of environments. There is also a 240-hour battery life that allows the LBX to be used anywhere and can be recharged using any USB power source such as in a vehicle or power banks.

I need a high capacity checkweighing scale

The BID Platform Scale from Kern is the perfect option for those looking for a large, high capacity checkweighing scale with a high resolution. The BID is trade approved, meaning it can legally be used to check the weight of large barrels of fuel and beer kegs, with a platform size that is specifically made for weighing European sized pallets. A durable build with anti-slip corrugated steel surface and 4 silicone coated, IP67 rated steel load cells ensure that the BID gives accurate results at all times, even under tough working environments.

I need a checkweighing scale indicator

Our very own IWI is an impressive IP68 rated industrial stainless steel weighing indicator that is perfect for a wide range of industries, especially those that need extra protection from water, dust and dirt. Simple to use and with a straightforward colour coded user interface, the IWI is capable of giving accurate checkweighing results for both single loadcell applications as well as larger systems with four loadcells. Versatility is also at the forefront of the IWI’s design - when connect to a larger platform scale, the IWI can be used to weigh large boxes and containers in warehouses and shipping departments, but can also used for applications such as food processing when connected to smaller scale instruments.   

I need a checkweighing scale for food processing

Food processing environments often require a waterproof scale that can deal with excessive dirt and water ingress, and the IWS Waterproof Bench Scale is more than equipped thanks to its high IP68 rating. This enables the scale to be thoroughly sprayed down after use, which alongside the full stainless steel design, allows the IWS to be kept clean and hygienic with every use – which is crucial to food preparation and packaging. The checkweighing function is perfect for food portioning tasks, food packaging in industrial settings and checking the weight of batches for catering companies.

I need an industrial checkweighing scale

The Adam Gladiator Waterproof Bench Scale is one of our most popular IP rated scales and is perfect for food production in professional kitchens as well as in factories and workshops. The Gladiator has a high level of protection from dirt and water thanks to the IP67 rating, with a tough, grade 304 stainless steel weighing pan that can be sprayed down and wiped after use. When in checkweighing mode, the display will illuminate red, yellow or green depending on whether the subject is within weighing parameters, allowing for users to quickly see weighing results. The Gladiator also comes in trade approved models

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