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What Are the Benefits of Portable Retail Scales?

According to UK law, in order to sell products that change in price based on weight, you’re required to use a trade-approved scale. You may already, or you may wish to, use a standard retail scale to calculate the correct price of a product based on its weight. However, for added flexibility in so many ways, portable retail scales are the number one choice. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a retail scale is, what the benefits are and how our selection of portable retail scales can make your life easier! 

What is a Retail Scale? 

Retail scales are weighing scales with the ability to calculate the price of the item they’re weighing. For example, if you own a self-serve sweet shop, some customers will load their baggies to the brim with bonbons, liquorice, blue bottles and chocolate frogs, while other customers will keep it simple with just a few select pieces. If you were to utilise a retail scale, youd be able to determine both the weight of each bag and the equivalent price for each customer, making the process simple and fair.  

You can even store items in your retail scale’s memory to recall later. Retail scales give you the option to set different unit prices for various items and search them using the product look up (PLU) number. For example, fruit bonbons may be £2 per 100 grams, while toffee bonbons may cost £2.30 per 100 grams. All this can be stored in the scale for instant recall when a customer is paying for a bag of bonbons. The world of weighing is right at your fingertips with a retail scale!  

What Are the Benefits of Portable Retail Scales? 

1.     Use Them Wherever They're Needed

All our portable retail scales feature rechargeable batteries, so you aren’t limited to using them in one location. With their compact, lightweight design, transporting your retail scale is easy and convenient. Bring your retail scale anywhere – even to places with limited electricity.

2.     Can Be Used on Market Stalls

A common use for our portable retail scales is on market stalls. Those selling products such as fruit, vegetables or other ingredients by weight will benefit from using a retail scale to accurately determine the price of the items, to ensure they are getting compensated fairly. In a busy market, retail scales give you reliable results quickly, so you don’t have to waste any time!

3.     Easier (And Usually Cheaper!) to Replace Than Larger, More Expensive Retail Scales

Life happens and it’s possible that your scale could become lost, badly damaged, or just too old to use anymore. In that case, you need a replacement. Luckily, because they’re compact in size, they cost much less than larger retail scales. Our supply of portable retail scales ranges in price from £165.00 to £350.00, a fantastic deal for high-quality products. This way, you’re not breaking the bank if push comes to shove.

4.     If Repairs are Required, They Are Easier to Ship/Take to Be Repaired

If your scale is damaged but there is still hope for it to be repaired, it is much easier to ship a compact scale back to your supplier than a larger scale. First, a portable retail scale is lighter in weight, so it will cost less to be shipped. Second, it’s easier to manoeuvre size-wise, with a much smaller box required. Or, if you’re taking it to be repaired in person, there will be no struggle getting it up the stairs or through a door. Simply grab it and go!  

5.     They Take Up Less Space Than Larger Retail Scales

You may or may not have noticed, but the convenient, compact size of our portable retail scales has been mentioned in almost every single point so far. From crowded bench tops to market stalls and more, your portable retail scale will take up minimal room, so you can fill the rest with anything else you may need to help your business thrive.

What Portable Retail Scales Does Inscale Sell? (Say That 10 Times Fast)

Inscale currently supplies four excellent portable retail scales. In this section, we’ll delve into the features that will make each of them perfect for your business.

Kern RPB Price Computing Scale

Capacities: 3/6kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 1/2g – 5/10 g

Pan Size: 204 mm x 263 mm

Kern’s RPB Price Computing Scale features a more modest memory for up to 10 PLUs, very useful for small businesses or those with only a few items that are priced based on weight. All RPB models contain three easy-to-read displays for total weight, unit price and total price, so you’re always kept in the know about the calculation process! 

Kern RFE Price Computing Retail Scale

Capacities: 3/6kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 1/2g – 5/10g

Pan Size: 230mm x 300mm

Kern’s RFE Price Computing Retail Scale features a memory (PLU) for over 100 articles and offers 4 direct price keys for your most popular products! Along with a large front LCD display, RFE offers an additional rear display with an optional column for ultimate visibility. Each read with the weight, unit price, total price and stored tare or pre-tare value. If you have a lot of products and you like to keep on top of all the numbers, the RFE is for you!

Adam SWZ ‘Swift’ Price Computing Retail Scale

Capacities: 1.5/3kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 0.5/1g – 5/10g

Pan Size: 210mm x 300mm

Adam Equipment’s SWZ ‘Swift’ Price Computing Retail Scale features 100 PLUs so you can determine the price of an item quickly and get on to the next customer! SWZ also offers a spill-resistant stainless steel top pan that can be removed for easy cleaning, making it a breeze to keep it hygienic, especially if you’re dealing with food. You can also get technical with the SWZ’s wide range of compatible accessories, from printers to cables and even software for sending and reviewing data on the PC! This cost-effective scale is a great choice!



Unsure which portable retail scale is right for you? Have more questions? Contact our Inscale team at 01908972660 to get quality support.


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