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How the Accumulation Function Works on a Weighing Scale

When purchasing a weighing scale, looking for a product with multiple functions is ideal, but do you know which functions will benefit you the most? Many models have an accumulation feature, particularly bench scales and floor scales. But what is accumulation and why is it so useful? In this post we will explore the use of an accumulation function on a weighing scale and how it can improve your operation and efficiency.  

What is accumulation?  

Accumulation is defined by the gradual increase or growth of something. The weighing scale industry is a great example of using accumulation as this feature allows the user to keep track of the running total of everything that has been weighed or counted. An accumulation function means that several items can be weighed, and a total amount displayed.  

How does accumulation work?  

In further detail, if you were to weigh five items each weighing 10 grams, the accumulation feature would read the total amount of 50 grams on the display. The accumulation function can also be used as a time efficient way of counting in multiple applications such as formulation and batching. Accumulation will add up each individual total count or weight, providing an overall total at the end - eliminating the process of manual totalising. 

What are the benefits of accumulation?  

Accumulation can be useful when adding up several weight readings as the user can weigh batches without losing the total weight. It can also increase efficiency during inventory control allowing for a much more manageable batch count. For example, bench scales have an accumulation feature to improve efficiency in production or warehouse applications. Similarly, the Adam Equipment CCT counting scale allows multiple counts to be totalised. When repetitive weighing tasks are fast, the backlit display changes colours to show if a sample is under, over or within the pre-set limits thanks to the accumulation element. Proving once again that this feature is particularly beneficial within an industrial environment.

Most floor and bench scales also have an audible alarm that contributes to the function of the Accumulation feature. The Audible alarm is extremely helpful within factories or busy environments as this alarm notifies the user when the weight is within the pre-set limit, assisting the user and accumulation feature.  

Examples of weighing scales with an accumulation function 

Adam GFK Checkweighing Floor Scale  

GFK and GFK-M scales are ideal for demanding industrial use, including food processing and manufacturing tasks. The large backlit display offers a capacity tracker and shows unit weight, total weight, and the number of pieces counted. Checkweighing is speedy with the GFK, as amber, green, and red LED indicators show if the sample is under, over or within the pre-set limits. 


Inscale IWW Waterproof Floor Scale 

This professional waterproof floor scale by Inscale features an IP68-rated waterproof indicator and an IP67 base, with encapsulated loadcells for added protection from water and dust. A scale which can be used for accurate weighing in tough environments and by using the checkweighing function, you can set high and low limits.

Adam CKT ‘Cruiser’ Bench Checkweighing Scale

Ideal for inventory control or packaging tasks, the CKT can save money by reducing waste and overages. Repetitive weighing tasks are accomplished quickly with a backlit display and the compact design is ideal for limited workspaces or when multiple scales are not an option. The CKT stores and recalls up to 150 PLUs (50 each for weighing, parts counting and percentage weighing applications) to improve efficiency.


Adam PT Floor Standing Industrial Platform Scale with GK Indicator 

The rugged ABS design make the GK the right choice for a variety of industrial applications, easily monitoring overloads with the capacity tracker and accumulation feature. The multi-function GK indicator can be combined with weighing platforms to handle demanding industrial tasks. It performs well on the loading dock, at food processing plants, in agricultural settings, or in shipping and receiving areas. For example, using the accumulation function on platform scales (as well as pallet truck scales) means you can totalise the weight of goods being added to a lorry, without having to weigh the lorry itself. This ensures the vehicle is not being overloaded.  

Inscale IXC Bench Counting Scale

This affordable, easy to use counting scale comes in four different capacities - all of which are ideal for most general counting needs. With a readability between 0.1g and 1g the IXC scale covers a large range of countable products. This counting scale will settle quickly which enables quick counting and dispensing of repeatable product and the accumulation function can be used to totalise a day's counting.  


Need help with choosing the right scale with an accumulation function, or more guidance on how to use accumulation? Contact the Inscale team at 01908972660. 

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