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Professional Food Scales

6 Reasons to Buy Professional Food Scales

When it comes to commercial bakeries, restaurants and catering businesses, producing high quality consumables is the chief priority. This blog will discuss our top six reasons why investing in a professional food scale will make this mission a pleasure rather than a pesky problem.

1.     Reliability

The last thing you want to do when providing food for thousands of people is mismeasure ingredients in the production process. If your results are off even occasionally, you’re at risk of noticeably inconsistent product quality over time. This can prevent customers from purchasing your food again. Therefore, the greatest reason to buy a professional food scale is for your own peace of mind – you’ll know that your weighing results are always accurate and precise.

2.     Protection from Water and Dust

Most professional food scales feature an IP-rating between 67 and 68 for protection against water and dust. Food scales offering IP67 protection are completely protected from dust as well as temporary water submersion. IP68 scales are fully water and dustproof. This makes them exceptionally easy to clean, whether weighing powdery substances like flour and sugar or juicier items like steak or fish. Simply wipe and wash the scale down! Keeping your kitchen hygienic and preventing cross contamination will never be easier than with a washdown professional food scale.

3.     Overall Durability

Our food scales are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, corrosion and scratches. You don’t have to worry about what you weigh, or even be particularly careful around the scale – a professional food scale can handle almost anything! Overload protection is also nice to have, as you can be assured that your scale won’t be damaged if an item exceeds its capacity. Frequent use poses no problem for a professional food scale, it’ll stay work-ready for a long time to come. 

4.     More Potential Applications

Any cheap kitchen scale can weigh – accurately or not – but typically only professional food scales offer other functions for your convenience. Checkweighing, for example! Let’s say it takes approximately 910 grams of apple to make an apple pie. However, you don’t mind if it’s a little over or under, since not all apples are the same size or weight. A checkweighing function allows you to set your acceptable parameters. For example, anything less than 900 grams will light up yellow, and anything more than 920 grams will light up red. Anything between those two numbers will remain green. You could do this manually, but you’ll save time and effort with a checkweighing function.

Same with parts counting! If you sell bonbons by the number, a parts counting application on your food scale will allow you to set the average weight of each bonbon. Then, when you dump a bunch of them on the scale, it will display the count. Once you have the correct amount, you can scoop them off the scale to begin packing for purchase.

5.     Your Reputation

Customers want to know that the businesses they support with their hard-earned money are trustworthy. If you’re selling food based on weight, you are legally required to use a trade approved scale for this purpose. Getting caught selling items by weight without a trade approved scale can result in heavy fines and other serious consequences. This is because it implies that you may have been taking advantage of customers and providing them with less than they’ve paid for thanks to a cheap, unregulated scale. Investing in a professional trade approved food scale is the only way to protect your reputation in this regard. 

6.     Trusted Brands

The brands we offer on Inscale have established reputations and full customer confidence – we wouldn’t stock them if they didn’t! Should you choose one of our professional kitchen scales, you’ll have assurance of quality, backed by customer reviews and industry recognition, which enhances customer trust. Speaking of brands….

Our Recommended Professional Food Scales

Adam ABW-S Aqua Stainless Steel Waterproof Bench Scale

Aqua ABW-S Stainless Steel Waterproof Bench Scale

Capacities: 4kg – 32kg

Readabilities: 0.1g – 2g

The ABW-S Aqua Stainless Steel Waterproof Bench Scale is a truly versatile piece of equipment. IP68 rated and boasting a stainless steel housing and pan, this scale can be washed down thoroughly, reducing the risk of cross contamination between fish, meat, and other ingredients found in any professional kitchen. The ABW-S also offers a rechargeable battery for ultimate portability – you’re not stuck in one spot!

Inscale IWW Waterproof Floor Scale

Inscale IWW Waterproof Floor Scale

Capacities: 8kg – 300kg

Readabilities: 0.5g – 20g

Our very own IWW Waterproof Floor Scale frequently finds itself in professional kitchens thanks to its IP67 base and IP68 indicator. It’s designed to be washed down! With a wide range of base sizes and capacities, the IWW is there for you when bulk items come through your door. The checkweighing function allows you to set high and low limits, with the display itself changing colours based on whether the result is above, below, or just right.

Kern FFN-N Approved Stainless Steel Bench Scale

Kern FFN-N Approved Stainless Steel IP65 Washdown Scale

Capacities: 1.5kg – 25kg

Readabilities: 0.5g – 10g

Should you sell items based on weight, the Kern FFN-N Approved Stainless Steel Bench Scale may be the right choice for you. With stainless steel housing and pan, cleaning is quick and easy after weighing. The FFN-N’s rechargeable battery lends itself to portability, so you can take your scale where the weighing is.

Kern EMB Compact Precision Balance

Kern EMB Compact Precision Balance

Capacities: 100g – 6kg

Readabilities: 0.001g – 5g

The Kern EMB Compact Precision Balance perfectly combines entry-level operation with high quality performance. A two-button display means training time is exceptionally low, anyone can use it! This scale is ideal for weighing small quantities of dry ingredients with an advanced level of precision.


When you purchase a professional food scale, you’re not paying for basic – you’re paying for the money saved over time, for increased efficiency, and for a legacy of high-quality food that will last a lifetime. For questions about which scale is right for you, contact the Inscale team at 01908 972 660.

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