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heavy duty scales and durability

Focus on: Heavy duty scales and their durability

If you work in a demanding industry such as manufacturing, agriculture or logistics, you know that durable equipment is crucial. Your weighing scale needs to be able to handle frequent use, harsh environments, and many heavy items for a long time to come. This blog will discuss key features of heavy-duty weighing scales, and which we think can handle the pressure.

Durable weighing scales have a significant impact on the efficiency, safety and precision of your operations. Flimsy scales frequently need repairs or even replacements, delaying work and slowing down the day. Damaged scales produce incorrect weighing results, which could have catastrophic consequences if unnoticed for too long. Investing in a long-lasting scale from the get-go will keep your day-to-day smooth.

Key Features of Heavy-Duty Weighing Scales

Load Capacity

Your scale is only as durable as its capacity – or, if it offers overload protection, slightly more than its capacity. Significantly overloading your scale can cause damage both internally and externally, no matter what material the scale is constructed of. Consider the heaviest items that you regularly weigh and choose a scale with the corresponding capacity. Keep in mind that the higher the capacity, the less fine the readability will be. Meaning, if you also weigh light items from time to time that require a higher degree of precision, you may need a second scale with a lower capacity to meet requirements.

Robust Construction

The most durable weighing scales are typically constructed from either mild steel or stainless steel. Overall, though mild steel is more affordable and lighter weight than stainless steel, stainless steel is the most durable material. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion caused by both water and chemicals. When working in environments with a risk of moisture or chemical spills, a stainless steel scale will continue to work in tip top shape.

Resistance to Environmental Factors

Because stainless steel is so resistant to moisture, chemicals and even dirt, many stainless-steel scales offer an IP rating. IP (ingress protection) ratings signify how sealed the scale is to solids and liquids. An IP68 scale, therefore, is fully dirtproof (the 6) and fully waterproof (the 8). This allows for thorough cleaning with a hose. Is your IP68 scale dirty? Wash it off! Chemical spill? Hose it down! For more information on IP ratings, check out our blog How to Use Washdown Scales.

What Heavy-Duty Scales Do We Recommend?

Adam PT Platform Scale & GK Indicator

Capacities: 1 tonne – 3 tonnes

Readabilities: 200g – 500g

The PT Platform Scale is constructed from tough mild steel, with a chequer plate surface for friction. The PT is unique in that it’s manufactured from thick 8mm channel tube and features full welded joints, allowing it to have a long life in a warehouse environment. Paired with the splashproof GK indicator, checkweighing is a breeze. Weigh pallets, crates and other large containers without worry with the durable PT Platform. Keep an eye-out for the PT’s optional ramps in the accessories section!

Adam IHS Crane Scale

Capacities: 1 tonne – 10 tonnes

Readabilities: 200g – 2000g

What better sign that the IHS Crane Scale is heavy-duty than a 10,000kg capacity? That’s more than five times the weight of an average car! The IHS is perfect for suspended weighing of shipping containers, fishing nets, and other oversized or particularly heavy loads. With a rotating steel hook, this crane scale allows for more flexible loading. Stay safe with a wireless remote allowing for operation at a distance!

Kern NFN Trade Approved Waterproof Drive Thru Scale

Capacity: 600kg

Readability: 0.2kg

The NFN is a stainless steel, IP68 rated fully waterproof drive thru scale. The NFN features built-in ramps for easier pallet truck loading. This scale is trade approved so it can be used to price items based on weight. It can also be fully washdown if it becomes wet or dirty, thanks to its very impressive IP68 rating, with an IP65 splashproof indicator.

A&D SW Series IP69 High Pressure Waterproof Scale

Capacity: 6kg – 150kg

Readability: 0.5g – 10g

The A&D SW Series has the lowest capacity range on this list, but its IP69 rating makes up for it. With an IP69K rating, the SW is fully waterproof and able to withstand high temperature, high pressure washing. This scale can handle the toughest environments without breaking a sweat. But wait, there’s more! The SW Series is rechargeable, meaning it can be taken wherever it needs to be, even where electricity is scarce.

When you want durable, we have the right scale for you. For questions, contact the Inscale team at 01908 972 660.

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