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4 Features the Best Retail Scales Always Have

4 Features the Best Retail Scales Always Have

Retail scales are a crucial piece of equipment that any business selling products based on weight will need. They offer features specifically designed to make retail and business operations easier and more efficient. They’re trade-approved, an extra certification that deems them suitable to be used for commercial purposes. To learn more about trade approval, see our blog about the topic here.

There are four features that you’ll find on all the best retail scales – so, when shopping around, look for these. They’ll make life easier for you and your customer, as well as help speed up transactions.

1.     Product Lookups Boost Efficiency on the Best Retail Scales

Both price computing retail scales we offer on Inscale, Adam Equipment’s Swift and Kern’s RPB boast an internal memory system called Product Lookups, or PLUs. You’re able to store the unit price per set weight for a product. Then, you can recall it using the number that you assigned to the item.

For example, let's say you want to store the weight and price of tomatoes. You would first assign tomatoes their own number, like 09. Then, you would input the price per weight on the full numeric keypad, such as £0.58 per 100g. Now, whenever you’re selling tomatoes, you would input the 09 PLU number. When you weigh them, the scale will automatically calculate the correct price.

When you have a long line of customers or you’re rushing to fulfil orders, manually performing the necessary calculations yourself on a regular weighing scale wastes precious time – and it’s annoying. Not to mention you’re increasing the chances of human error. Let your scale do the business for you! For smaller operations, Kern’s RPB is ideal with the ability to store 10 article prices. Larger businesses would benefit more from Adam’s Swift, which can store 161 of your best-selling products.

2.     Three Displays on Front and Rear

If you’re a customer-facing business such as a farmer’s market, one of your goals is to have a reputation of honesty and transparency. Many times, that matters just as much to a customer as your prices. A price computing retail scale is designed for your benefit as a business owner. Of course it lends itself to full transparency with three displays on the front and rear.

The first display shows the weight of the item, the second shows the price per unit, and the third shows the total price your customer is expected to pay. Both you and your customer can see each result as it appears. This way, your customer knows that you’re being honest, and if there are any issues, you can spot it and rectify the situation immediately.

Besides, using the best retail scales like the Swift or RPB tells your customers that you take them seriously and want to put your best self forward.

3.     The Best Retail Scales Help Maintain a Fair Trade

If you’re deciding whether it’s worth it to price by weight at all, consider whether you would be compensated fairly if you didn’t. It may be easier for you to price all your cucumbers the same, no matter the size, but that may not be the best choice for either you or your customers.

Let’s say you price all your pumpkins as £12 each, which you regard as the fair price for an average sized pumpkin. Well, then one customer could be paying £12 for an extremely large pumpkin while a separate customer will pay £12 for a much smaller pumpkin. If you’re not pricing by weight, not only are you missing out on extra profit from the larger pumpkin compared to the small pumpkin, your customers aren’t going to be happy.

Using a weighing scale for your business operations will help guarantee a more fair and equitable trade. Utilising the best retail scales specifically will make the process a breeze.

4.     Rechargeable Batteries for Easy Portability

Being an entrepreneur requires flexibility and a willingness to go the distance… literally. Whether it’s a festival, market, trade show or simply another area in your shop, price computing retail scales are easy to travel with. Kern’s RPB offers an impressive 60 hour battery life between charges. Adam’s Swift Price Computing Retail Scale offers 90 hours of battery life – that’s more than two 40-hour work weeks!


Your business needs the best retail scale – and our price computing retail scales are more than up to the task. If you have questions about price computing retail scales, contact the Inscale team, we would love to help.

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