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Professional Weighing Scales and Balances UK
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A&D HR Series Analytical Balances

Manufactured by And
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A&D HR Series Analytical Balances
Starting From: £636.00

Recently purchased for structural engineering.

Analytical balances are highly-sensitive weighing machines, even the tiniest breeze can interfere with weight readings. A&D's HR-A and HR-AZ balances come with a shatterproof breeze chamber to keep out drafts and neutralise vibrations.

Space-saving rotary doors slide open with ease to allow unhindered access to the weighing chamber. The draft shield has been specially designed with an anti-static coating, to help dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber that could affect the weighing results.

A&D HR balances have a bright, back-lit display allowing results to be deciphered even in the dimmest lighting. The balance utilises A&D's Super Hybrid Sensor Technology and offers counting, percentage and density determination modes for carrying out complex scientific experimentation.

Balances are equipped with magnetic force restoration, or electromagnetic force, to provide super fast, accurate and repeatable measurements. They are also supplied with an RS-232 communication port built in for simple and straightforward communication with thermal printers and computers.

To get the most accurate weight readings from this analytical balance, A&D have included a liquid level indicator and adjustable feet for adjusting the balance. Alternatively, you can combine this with an anti-vibration table for increased precision and consistency of results.

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What do the 100g x 1mg type numbers mean?

When we show pairs of numbers such as 100g X 1mg or 12kg x 0.1g we are using an industry-wide shorthand which represents: capacity x readability. The 'x' does not mean multiply but could be read as 'with'.

Capacity is the maximum mass that can be measured on that scale or balance.

Readability is the smallest difference that the scale or balance can weigh to and display. Readability can be also be referred to as graduations, precision and resolution.

External calibration

  • HR-100A
    102g x 0.1mg
    £763.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-150A
    152g x 0.1mg
    £825.60 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-251A
    252g x 0.1mg
    £763.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-250A
    252g x 0.1mg
    £979.20 (Inc. VAT)

Internal calibration

  • HR-100AZ
    102g x 0.1mg
    £931.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-150AZ
    152g x 0.1mg
    £974.40 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-251AZ
    252g x 0.1mg
    £931.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • HR-250AZ
    252g x 0.1mg
    £1,142.40 (Inc. VAT)
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Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Full Specification
Print: 102g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
Print: 152g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
Print: 252g 0.0001g 85mm ø Show
Print: 252g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
Print: 102g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
Print: 152g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
Print: 252g 0.0001g 85mm ø Show
Print: 252g 0.0001g 90mm ø Show
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A&D HR Series Analytical Balances
A&D HR Analytical Balances | Inscale UK
A&D HR Analytical Balances | Inscale UK A&D HR Series Analytical Balances 2 A&D HR Scientific Balances | Inscale UK A&D Laboratory Balance | Inscale UK HR Analytical Balance | Inscale UK

A&D HR Series Analytical Balances Features


  • AC adapter included


  • 4 years warranty

  • Fast stabilization in 2 seconds

  • Large removable breeze break with antistatic coating

  • Compact foot print: 198 mm × 294 mm

  • Rotary sliding doors requiring no extra space at the rear

  • Automatic calibration with an internal mass (HR-AZ)

  • Clear, reverse-backlit LCD

  • Twelve weighing units including a user-programmable unit

  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output

  • Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function

  • Percent mode function

  • Adjustable response characteristics and hold function

  • Statistical calculation function

  • Comparator function with buzzer

  • Auto power on/off function

  • Underhook function

  • Density determination function

  • Built-in rechargeable battery (optional)


  • Weighing

  • Parts counting

  • Percentage weighing

  • Checkweighing

  • Density determination