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Health Food & Supplements Scales

Inscale's wide variety of weighing scales for supplement and health food shops manufactured by Kern Adam Equipment and A&D. The scales in this section comprise of a mixture of versatile weighing machines including pocket scales, compact balances, bench scales and price computing scales that help business owners weigh, analyse and sell food supplements by weight.

Our pocket scales make for excellent tools when weighing on the go, they can easily fit into a coat pocket and can be used to weigh small amounts ingredients. Bench scales are designed to be placed on a worktop surface and are often relied upon by health food business owners for enhanced weighing modes including mixing, checkweighing, parts counting and percentage weighing. Shop owners require trade approved scales when buying and selling goods by weight; price computing scales can accurately calculate the weight of products and help shop owners determine a price per unit, bottle or container.

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  1. TCB Pocket Balance

    TCB Pocket Scale 200g

    Capacity Range:
    200g to 200g

    Starting at £57.00

    A circular scale! This unique and unusual pocket scale is small and easy to use. The top rotates when not in use to offer some protection for the weighing area and is supplied with batteries and a transport box. Learn More
  2. PLE Top Pan Balances | Inscale UK

    Kern PLE Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    420g to 4200g

    Starting at £450.00

    The Kern PLE precision balance is a low-cost top pan balance with wide range of functions. The PLE offers the user a wide selection of functions, such as parts counting, percentage weighing, tolerance weighing and under scale weighing. Ideal for school science classrooms and university laboratories. Learn More
  3. Kern EMB Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    Kern EMB Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    100g to 6000g

    Starting at £59.00

    The Kern EMB Precision Balance is an entry-level laboratory balance. This low-cost, portable weighing balance is perfect for the simple weighing of chemicals, powders and solutions and is designed for use in school classroom experiments, colleges and universities. Learn More
  4. PFB Precision Balances

    Kern PFB Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    120g to 6000g

    Starting at £200.00

    Easy-to-use, precision top pan balance designed for use in schools, colleges and universities. The PFB balance is a low-cost, entry level scale featuring an internal rechargeable battery for portable use when conducting science or weight related experiments in classroom environments. Learn More
  5. Kern CM Wallet SIze Pocket Scale

    Kern CM Pocket Scale

    Capacity Range:
    60g to 1000g

    Starting at £57.00

    Kern's CM pocket balance is unlike other cheaper pocket scales, it is built to be accurate and repeatable time after time, with a hard protective case and built in handy calculator. Ideal for weighing small jewels and gold. Learn More
  6. PCB Economic Precision Balance

    Kern PCB Economic Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    100g to 10kg

    Starting at £113.00

    The Kern PCB Precision Balance incorporates a range of economical compact balances with high precision. The PCB series has a wide range of pan sizes and weighing capacities to suit many requirements. Ideal for science labs and animal weighing. Learn More
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