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Spring Balances for School Education Experiments

Spring balances and scales are pocket sized instruments that are used to measure force or tension between the mass of an object in opposition to gravity.

The spring balance is primarily designed for young scientists and students in order to weigh material compounds, supplies and samples for classroom experiments, where traditional bench or laboratory scales are not available.

There are many types of spring scale available on the market today from pocket-sized scales to mechanical hanging scales. We stock a selection of top-quality, Swiss manufactured spring scales and balances from Kern and Pesola with selectable gram, kilogram and Newton measuring units.

Convenient and easy to use, spring scales are most commonly relied upon as portable weighing reference tools in educational field experiments and are both cost effective and practically designed for almost any environment.

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Q: Why are spring scales good for classroom use?

A: Spring scales are first and foremost, convenient pieces of weighing equipment that are fully portable. They are constructed to have a long lifespan and are cost effective which makes them ideal weighing scale equipment for classrooms. Whilst they lack in terms of features on some of the more advanced digital weighing scales, such as the analytical or precision balances, the spring scale is a useful tool when there is no nearby power supply or when wanting a weighing scale that provides both ease of use and portability.

Q: How is a spring scale used to measure force?

A: A spring scale uses the force of gravity against the force of an extended spring in order to determine the weight of an object. The object is attached to a hook or clip underneath the scale and suspended in the air, the coiled spring mechanism inside the spring scale tube will extend and recoil in relation to the weight of the object acting against gravity; the coil extension length can be measured and converted into Newtons.

Q: What are spring scales used for?

A: Spring scales are used for measuring force such as gravity against an object's mass in Newtons or Grams. There are many types of spring scale from small pocket scales to larger mechanical hanging scales. Here are some of the most popular uses of spring scales:

  • Chemicals and compounds - Spring scales are often used as a reference tool for taking the weight of delicate chemicals, compounds and samples in school science experiments, field research and food testing applications.
  • Luggage - One of the most popular hanging scale and spring balance applications! Mechanical and digital hanging scales have a below balance hook attachment that allows bags and luggage to be weighed against travelling weight regulations before placing on belt scales in airports and train stations.
  • Agriculture - Spring balances are frequently used in the agricultural sector for weighing out animal feed, compost, fertilisers and hay.
  • Wildlife and conservation - Mechanical spring scales with dynamic/ animal weighing can be used to weigh a multitude of animals from birds to reptiles in conservation projects. For example, snakes are often placed into a secure box/ bag and attached to the scale's hook, from here, they can be lifted in order to take an accurate weight value. Larger, heavier animals can also be weighed using high-capacity hanging scales or crane scale by manoeuvring animals onto a durable plastic sheet or tarpaulin, this is then secured using supported straps and belts and suspended slightly off ground level in order to obtain the weight of the animal.
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