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What is a warehouse scale?

Warehouse scales are any scales suitable for weighing applications in a warehouse environment. These include platform scales for pallet weighing, floor scales for parcel weighing and checkweighing scales and counting for shipping and despatch departments.

What type of weighing scale would you recommend for warehouse use?

All of our warehouse weighing scales are fitted to complete the majority of day-to-day warehouse tasks, however the best option for you will depend entirely on how you intend to use your warehouse scale. Compact scales and bench scales possess a variety of features that specifically suit warehouse applications such as hardy construction, ease of use and portability.

Other types of digital weighing scale such as the platform scale feature large stainless steel pan sizes that are both damage resistant and allow for easy cleaning, the CPWplus Weighing Scales also feature wall mount brackets for placing indicators on vertical surfaces.

Buy warehouse scales from Inscale Scales

We offer as large selection of warehouse scales for many applications, such as weighing parcels, pallets of goods, machinery and tools in manufacturing. Many of these scales come with accurate checkweighing and check counting features ideal for counting small screws and electrical parts required in precision engineering, or for conducting product stock takes before distribution.

Some of our portable warehouse scales can also be used on operator trolleys used to pick items and components from stores, warehouses or stock rooms for either production use or dispatch. You will often find digital counting scales used in this manner to increase efficiency within the workplace.

Inscale also supplies large industrial floor scales with optional ramps, such as Adam Equipment's PT platform scale, for weighing incoming pallets or for loading and shipping purposes. PT platforms are constructed with a durable mild steel base and a patterned non-slip surface for increased stability whilst weighing. They can be combined with Adam's own GK-M trade approved checkweighing indicator for selling products by weight.

It is important that your weighing equipment is robust and suitable for your environment, we offer a large selection of warehouse weighing scales constructed from mild and stainless steel with a wide choice of sizes available.

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