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Buy postal scales from Inscale Scales

Inscale UK's wide range of light-industrial postal scales for weighing post and parcels can be found here. These postal scales can weigh anything from small packets to freight shipping crates for heavy items. We stock high-quality weighing scales from Adam Equipment, A&D and Kern in a selection of platform sizes, ideal for use in post offices, warehouses and home businesses.

Many of our trade approved postal weighing scales come complete with accurate checkweighing features used to ensure each package meets a pre-set weight. If mailing multiple identical packages at once it is possible to make mistakes, a scale with parts counting can be used to quickly check that you have the correct amount of packages before sending. An accurate postal weighing scale has the potential to save you money from costly mistakes and is perfect for offices, home business environments and busy mass-distribution warehouses.

Often the carriers will give special deals for bulk shipping all the parcels in a sack or a cage, hanging scales and large floor industrial scales are often used in this type application.

Is it worth spending the money on a postal/ parcel scale or can I just estimate a package weight?

Whether you're selling things on the internet, sending presents as you're travelling or working in a shipping department, purchasing a shipping scale is absolutely worth the money, especially if you send packages frequently. Estimations are often off, and that can lead to unexpected fees that add up considerably if you ship a large number of packages often. Good budgeting efforts take a lot of things into account, and can easily be inaccurate if shipping costs are estimated.

Are small or large postal scales best?

That all depends on your needs. If you sell the same thing and aren’t looking to diversify, just think about the quantities you send and get a postal scale that can handle it without going over capacity.

If your packages are never more than 20 kg, there is no need to get a scale with a 100 kg capacity. If you’re unsure or looking to diversify, get a weighing scale that can handle diverse tasks, such as weighing and checkweighing, and has various units that are adapted to small and big packages alike. If you ship small, light things, a compact scale should amply suffice. In both cases, make sure you take the package’s entire weight into account – a light product that is fragile might be heavier because of extra packaging needed to keep it from breaking.