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Portable Scales

Porable scales provide the perfect weighing solution when you need to use a weighing scale in more than one location. Inscale's portable scales covers many capacities and readabilities, so you're sure to find the right scale for your needs here. Same-day shipping available when you order Adam Equipment products before 12pm!

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What are portable scales?

Portable scale is a term used to describe weighing scales that can be moved around and includes both hand held scales that can be run on batteries and weighing scales powered by a rechargeable battery.

Inscale Scales stocks a selection of portable scales from a range of manufacturers including A&D, Adam Equipment and Kern. We offer two forms of battery powered portable scales, ones that use standard dry-cell batteries and those that have internal rechargeable batteries.

What are the benefits of using portable scales?

Portable scales offer many benefits to business who don't need to use large, static weighing scales.

Portable scales offer convenience, because you can take them anywhere you need to weigh. Their lightweight designs make therm easy to carry. Plus, portable scales are usually small and affordable, making them an economic choice for many businesses.

Are portable scales accurate?

How accurate your weighing scales are will depend on many factors, such as how frequently they are used, how demanding the environment or application is, and how long it is since they last had a calibration check. Also, choosing professional scales from reputable weighing scale manufacturers will help to ensure you have accurate scales.

A portable scale is no different, and we recommend - as with all weighing scales - that a calibration check is performed at least every 12 months. You can perform calibration checks using calibration weights.

Which portable scale is right for me?

To understand which portable scale from the Inscale range is right for you, consider three things: Capacity, readability and pan size.

All of the scales in this categrory are portable, so simply think about what the highest weight is that you're likely to weigh up to, and choose a capacity just above that. Bear in mind that, usually, the higher the capacity the less-fine the readability is, so you may need to find a compromise. Pan size will determine the size of the items that will fit onto the scale, so check the dimensions of the weighing pan in each product listing.

How can I order scales online from Inscale?

We try to make ordering online as easy as possible. Simply naviagate to the product you wish to buy, and click on the red Add to Cart button. When the product appears in your Cart, click the Checkout button, and you will be taken through the process of adding your details, and then through the payment process. We aim to despatch weighing scale orders as fast as possible, usually same-day, and we're always available on the phone if you need further guidance or want to check the status of your order. Our number is 01908 972 660.