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What is a parcel scale?

Parcel scales are weighing scales used to check the weight of packages before they are posted to determine postage prices. They to large-scale transport and logistics operations, which require oversized robust industrial platforms for weighing large quantities of goods prior to dispatch.

Carriers will often give special deals for the bulk shipping of parcels in a sack or a cage; hanging scales and large floor industrial scales such as Kern's BIC platform scale are often used in this type application. These platform scales boast a non-slip, mild steel platform, and they're ideal for accurate checkweighing, parts counting and accumulation weighing applications in large industrial-scale warehouses, transport, logistics and distribution centres.

We also stock a selection of trade approved scales for selling packaged goods by weight, as well as IP-rated scales offering advanced dust and waterproof protection.

Please Get In Touch if you have any questions about parcel scales or postal scales, our sales team will be more than happy to assist you.

When should I use a parcel scale?

All shipping carriers and the Post office use some variation of parcel scale in order to calculate the shipping cost of packages. The weight of a package dictates the delivery cost, and it is therefore vital to know the weight of your parcels before delivery in order to avoid unexpected charges. For this, trade approved parcel scales are used to ensure that the package weight is recorded accurately and efficiently. Parcel scales could even save you money.

Who uses parcel scales?

Many businesses require a parcel scale to detemine shipping prices. Postal offices are the most obvious users of these scales, however home businesses may also use parcel scales for calculating shipping costs prior to dispatch. Transport and logistics companies may also require larger parcel scales for checkweighing large crates, boxes and products to ensure they are the correct weight before being shipped.

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