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Weighing Scale Indicators

Discover our range of digital weighing indicators for precise measurements. Our weighing indicators offer reliability and accuracy for various applications. Enhance your weighing systems with our advanced digital weighing indicator solutions.

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Buy weighing scales indicators from Inscale Scales

Inscale's selection of weight and counting indicators come with an array of features including checkweighing, parts counting, percentage weighing and dynamic/ animal weighing.

Suitable for a wide range of light-industrial warehouse applications, our digital indicators can be retrofitted to existing digital weighing scales and balances or used alongside platform base units. Versatile, easy to configure they are regularly used alongside bench scales and industrial floor scales.

Our weighing indicators are constructed with tough, damage-resistant housing necessary for daily use in rigorous warehouse environments. Our own IWI stainless steel indicator comes complete with an IP68 for ultimate protection against water and dust.

We also offer Adam's GK trade approved checkweighing indicator that can be used alongside Adam's PT platforms for selling pallets of goods by unit weight. 

Can I customise my digital weight indicator?

Many of our digital and electronic weighing indicators utilise smart features that differ depending on particular models. Most of the digital weighing indicators we sell hold all of the necessary features, with trade approved weighing indicators featuring customary checkweighing and weight warning details. Aside from this, all of our digital and electronic indicators are easy to use and differ slightly in terms of aesthetic and model.

Please Get In Touch if you require further information on which indicator works best for your needs, we are happy to help!