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Mass Comparators

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What is a mass comparator?

A mass comparator (also known as a comparator balance) is a professional-grade instrument designed for the authentication of calibration weights and mass standards. They are predominantly used in laboratory calibration houses, weights and measure offices or for other metrology services.

These products feature extremely high resolutions and readability to detect the smallest changes in weight such as F1 class calibration weights and below. It is this level of precision that makes mass comparators so suited to official testing procedures.

Currently, Inscale stocks just one mass comparator; the A&D MC Series Mass Comparator. This is a high-resolution instrument that can measure calibration weights of Class F1 and below. It features a level of precision that isn’t usually available for a product with such a weighing capacity, meaning you can weigh larger objects and get a far more specific reading. Inscale also offer a range of M1, F1, E1 and E2 calibration test weights, so please view them here.