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Animal and veterinary scales from Inscale

Used by veterinarians, farmers, zoologists and many more, animal scales are an important part of day to day work for most animal focused industries. Inscale’s range of animal and veterinary scales are simple to use and easy to clean, meaning you can perform animal weighing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our animal scales can be used to weigh animals large or small, from zoo animals to a pet hamster. Importantly, they are also rigorous enough to survive the everyday knocks that come with weighing animals, and can all be cleaned down quickly and easily after use.

As well as the weighing of animals, we offer compact balances that are ideal for portion control and the measuring of medicine dosages.

What are animal weighing scales?

Animal weighing scales are a specialist type of weighing scale that is used to weigh animals in veterinary surgeries, zoos and agricultural environments. They can be used to weigh small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, medium sized animals such as dogs and cats, or large animals such as livestock and large zoo animals. Animal scales are often a type of platform scale such as the PT Standing Platform Scale and CPWplus L Floor Scale, although they can come as small floor scales for small animals or pallet beams for larger animals.

How do I weigh my pet?

Begin by setting up the scale in a safe and secure space, free from any potential hazards. Next, lead your pet onto the scale - using a treat to get their attention is always the best way! If you’re having trouble getting your pet to stay on the scale, you could place their bed on it and simply use the tare function to remove the excess weight. Once your pet is on the scale, read the display and record the weight reading.

To make weighing moving pets easier, many animal scales come with a dynamic weighing mode which takes an average weight based on the force exerted by the animal over an extended period of time. Alternatively, some scales come with a peak hold function which freezes the maximum weight shown on the display, allowing users to safely remove their pet from the scale before noting down their weight.

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