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What to Consider When Buying a Scale for Fish Weighing

A good fish scale is undoubtedly one of the most important tools for fishmongers, so it’s important that you have all the information you need to make the correct choice. This blog will cover 4 of the most significant things to consider when purchasing the best digital fish weighing scale for you and your business. We'll also include a selection of scales that are made with fish weighing in mind to ensure that you can make your purchase with confidence.

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A portable fish scale is perhaps required most when selling at wholesale markets or street stalls where a power supply is not readily available. This allows for increased flexibility when working and, with many weighing scales such as the GBK Mplus from Adam now coming with a programmable auto power-off feature, you won’t be left with a low battery when you need it most.

For fishmonger shops, greater portability options will mean you no longer have to consider whether your weighing scale is within reach of a power socket. A portable fish scale also makes it easier to pick up and move during your washdown process, enabling you to reach all necessary surfaces.

IP Ratings and water-resistant scales

Having a water-resistant digital fish scale is a must for all fishmongers. Not only will it protect your device from potential damage, but it will also make the cleaning process faster and easier. Water-resistant scales are rated on their level of protection by a numerical system known as an IP rating – for more information on IP ratings, please visit our waterproof scales blog.

IP ratings protect from water damage, but it also from solid ingress as well. This means that any fish scales, ice, bones or dirt won’t get into your machine and cause clogs that could ultimately lead to severe damage. 


Robust construction

A fishmonger can be a harsh environment and there can be plenty of travel involved for your scales. This means that your device will have to deal with countless knocks as well as some cold, wet and humid conditions – so you’ll need a fish scale that can cope. Purchasing a heavy-duty fish scale will ensure that your device will last longer and be less likely to leave you in a difficult situation should your scale break. Decide how rigorous your weighing practices will be and purchase a scale that can keep up.

Trade approval

A trade approved scale will most likely be essential for all fishmongers. Under UK law, anyone selling produce with a price based on weight must use a trade approved scale, as approved by a government body or recognized authority. If you do not adhere to these trading standards, you may face fines or even prison sentences. A trade approved scale may also be referred to as ‘Trade Stamped’, ‘Verified’, ‘EC Stamped’, ‘Class III/Class II’ or ‘M Class Approved’. For more details on trade approved scales, please see this helpful guide.

Which fish weighing scale is right for me?

Inscale IWS Waterproof Scale

Our own IWS Waterproof Scale serves as a great option for those looking for a good fish scale that combines a simple-to-use design with a more economical price point. A high IP68 rating protects from full water immersion for long periods of time, making the IWS perfect for messy environments where substantial cleaning is necessary. Please note this fish scale is not trade approved.

Gladiator IP68 Approved Washdown Floor Scales

The Gladiator from Adam Equipment is a trade approved weighing scale with an IP67 rating that means it can handle the wettest and dirtiest of environments. This combined with a large stainless-steel pan make is one of the easiest fish weighing scales to clean and will ensure a high level of cleanliness. This water-resistant digital fish scale also features a rechargeable battery option for added flexibility.

Kern NFN Drive-Through Weighing Scale

The NFN from Kern aims to make weighing large boxes and crates of fish faster and far more efficient. Two ramps located on either side of the weighing pan allow for trolleys or sack trucks to easily roll up onto the weighing scale for measurement. Its IP68 rating and robust design make it suitable for harsh fish warehouse environments and wholesale markets.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our range of fishmonger scales. Our phone number is 01908972660 and our lines are open 9am - 5:30pm. To see our full range of weighing scale suitable for fish weighing applications, please Get In touch.

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