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What Are The Advantages of Using Crane Scales?

Crane scales are unique industrial weighing instruments that have a number of different benefits to their users. They can make extremely heavy weighing tasks easier, faster and safer, all whilst being incredibly portable and easy to store. In this blog, we’re going to delve deeper into the world of crane weighing scales and uncover some of the major benefits of using them.

What is a crane scale?

Before we go any further, let’s first define what a digital crane scale is. A crane scale is an instrument that can be attached to a crane to lift heavy subjects, whilst being used for crane weighing as well. They are often heavy duty in their build and have high maximum capacities, making them suitable for harsher environments such as fishing ports, warehouses, factories, industrial manufacturing environments and construction sites.

What are the advantages of using crane scales?

Smaller design makes for easier storage

The phrase small and mighty comes to mind when discussing crane scales, because despite their incredible ability to weigh extremely heavy items, they remain very small in comparison. This makes storing crane scales simple as they can be picked up with ease and stored pretty much anywhere. They also take up far less floor space than other heavy duty high capacity weighing scales such as floor scales, so if you’re operating in an environment with limited space, crane scales could be for you.

Higher maximum capacities

Crane scales offer some of the highest weight capacities currently available on the Inscale website, enabling you to weigh even the heaviest of items. Despite this, they remain extremely accurate. 

A forklift putting a pallet into a lorry

Weigh awkward shaped items

Weighing pallets or large crates is generally quite straightforward and you can call upon the help of a forklift truck, but what if you’re weighing something that is more awkwardly shaped? With a crane scale, this is much easier – simply attach a connection and use the scale to weigh, ensuring that any attachment you use is stable and secure before lifting. This enables less inconvenient and potentially dangerous manoeuvring as items can be picked up and weighed anywhere, even on the back of a lorry. With a floor scale, users would have to attempt to get the item up onto the scale, which could cause harm to both the scale and users.

Robust and durable design

If you want a scale that can withstand harsh environments such as factories, warehouses or shipyards, then a crane scale is for you. Some scales, such as the LHS from Adam Equipment, is manufactured with a robust die-cast metal housing for maximum protection. It also common to have chrome-plated steel hooks, such as in the case of the Adam Equipment IHS and SHS.

Make weighing tasks safer

One of the main benefits to using a digital crane scale is that they are often far safer than other kinds of scale, especially when weighing really heavy items. Risks that arise from transporting and maneuvering cumbersome items are greatly reduced with a crane scale, as subjects can be picked up and weighed anywhere. During the weighing process, large easy to read displays allow users to stand far back away from the raised subject.

Adam Equipment scales are aligned with SWL (safe working load) instructions to ensure that users are aware of the maximum capacity that their scale can safely lift.

Easy to use

Crane scales are usually very easy to use and offer just the fundamental features that are required for weighing. This makes them a preferable option for users who wish to only weigh items, without the need of features such as checkweighing, parts counting or percentage weighing.

Save time on transportation

Transportation of heavy goods can be time consuming and often means that you have to bring your item to the scale. With a crane scale, you can easily bring the scale to the item that needs weighing, greatly reducing any transport times. Another convenient feature is that users can lift and transport a subject whilst weighing, which is useful for transporting items from ships or lorries.

Inscale’s selection of crane scales

Inscale features a selection of different crane weighing scales, all with different readabilites, maximum capacities and features.


IHS Crane Scales

The IHS Crane Scale from Adam Equipment is a heavy-duty hanging scale that boasts an impressive 10 Tonne maximum capacity – the largest of any current Adam Equipment weighing scale. It features a robust design with a die-cast metal housing that can withstand the harshest environments, including fishing ports, industrial factories, warehouses and construction sites.


LHS Crane Scale

The LHS from Adam Equipment features a cast aluminium magnesium housing for maximum protection, as well as a rotating chrome-plated hook and swivel shackle to enable the easy manoeuvring of loads. Maximum capacities range from 500kg to 2 Tonne and can be used to weigh oversized crates, containers, machinery and much more.

For any more information about our range of crane hanging scales, please Get In Touch.

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