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Washdown Scales: 7 Benefits For The Food & Drink Industry

Washdown scales and waterproof scales are perfect for weighing tasks in dampy, dusty or wet environments. Unlike standard equivalents, washdown and waterproof scales are built to last when used for demanding applications like this in the food and drink industry. And - particularly for the food and drink industry - they can be washed down regularly to keep them clean and hygienic.

That ability to clean them without worrying about water ingress is one benefit. But we’ve actually counted seven benefits of using waterproof/washdown scales if you’re in the food and drink industry.

1. There's little (or no) risk of water ingress

Waterproof scales are built to withstand harsh environments - so, they’ll be sealed to stop any water ingress.

This is important if they’re used to weigh wet produce, for example. Or it might be a floor scale being used in an area prone to wet or damp floors. Some scales - like the Inscale IWW Floor Scale - have encapsulated loadcells for even better protection.

2. Washdown scales can be... Washed down

Plus, of course, it means they can be washed down to keep them hygienic. This is especially important for food and drinks companies where weighing scales are part of the food production process and keeping them clean is a vital part of the job.

The IP rating will largely dictate how thoroughly they can be washed down.

3. And the higher the IP rating, the better the protection

So in a nutshell, if your scale has a higher IP rating, it can handle rigorous washing down - maybe even hosing down. If it’s a lower IP, you may want to stick to wiping down with a damp cloth.

IP68 is the highest rating that Inscale supplies, and these are regarded as fully ‘waterproof.’ Only weighing scales with an IP rating can truly be called ‘washdown’ or ‘waterproof’ - these ratings are regulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission and scales are thoroughly tested before being awarded their rating. For more information read our blog post, IP Ratings Explained.

4. They're better value for money

It's true that, generally, washdown or waterproof scales cost more than their standard equivalents - but if you’re in the food and drink production industry and your equipment is subject to damp, wet or dusty conditions, IP-rated scales will last longer.

Over time this means you’ll save money on scales by buying equipment fit for purpose, that won’t need to be replaced every year or two.

5. Stainless steel scales look more professional

Typically, IP rated scales are stainless steel, but there are some exceptions. Stainless steel really is the way to go and it has the added benefit of looking the part. As well as being a high quality material that’s rarely prone to rusting, stainless steel will give you a more professional look if your scales are being used in front of the paying public - for example, if you’re a butcher or fishmonger.

Make sure the scale you’re buying is grade 304 stainless steel, too - grade 304 stainless steel contains enough chromium to ensure it has high resistance to oxidisation or rust.

6. You can focus on your processes and not the welfare of the scale

When we say ‘welfare of the scale’, we mean making sure that it’s not got too wet, or too dirty, or produce is not dripping onto the scale. Using a non-IP rated scale would mean more careful and considered use. This could mean your weighing processes take longer - but with a waterproof scale, you can concentrate on getting your weight and then moving on. The scale will take (almost) whatever you throw at it!

7. There are plenty to choose from!

At Inscale, we have a huge range of IP-rated scales. Whether it’s hops in a brewery and you need a waterproof floor scale, you’re a butcher needing to weigh fresh meat on a waterproof bench scale… Or you’re a drinks manufacturer needing to weigh apples in bulk on a platform scale, we can help.

Here are a few of the IP-rated waterproof and washdown scales from our range:

Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale: As hardy as they come. This highly popular IP68 stainless steel model can be found everywhere from breweries to professional kitchens, and it’s available in 3kg, 6kg, 15kg and 30kg capacity options. The price is just about the best you’ll find as well, we believe.

Inscale IWW Waterproof Floor Scale: Our latest addition to the range has an IP68 indicator and an IP67 base - which also boasts encapsulated loadcells for added protection. Again, a highly competitive price has made the IWW a popular choice for the food and drink industry.

Adam GGS ‘Gladiator’ Washdown Floor Scale: These professional floor scales are hugely popular models, with capacity options up to 300kg and features such as RS-232 output, external calibration and parts counting. Plus, because it’s an Adam scale, it’s extremely durable and will last years, even it harsher environments. Trade approved models are available, too.

Kern NFN Waterproof Drive Through Scale: This IP68 platform scale is not only well protected from water and dust - it’s also a highly convenient way of weighing in bulk. Built-in ramps mean that palletised goods can be rolled onto the scale and weighed instantly. It’s most commonly used in the food and drink industry for weighing ingredients in bulk - particularly fruit.


Need help with choosing the right washdown or waterproof scales for your needs? Get In Touch with us.

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