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anti vibration table

Using an Anti-vibration Table

Accuracy is essential for any weighing process, especially if you use sophisticated laboratory balances to creating medicines and supplements. To ensure that high precision weighing equipment remains accurate at all times, an anti-vibration table is essential. Equipment that is inaccurate can lead to negative outcomes, from poor texture and taste in food products to ineffective or harmful substances in supplements and medicines.

The right weighing equipment ensures product consistency, quality and safety. This blog post explains the importance of an anti-vibration table when using sensitive high-precision balances.

What is an anti-vibration table?

An anti-vibration table is a specialist work surface that can be used to significantly reduce vibrations and disturbances whilst using highly sensitive laboratory balances, microscopes and other high-precision equipment. Anti-vibration tables are constructed out of shock-resistant materials such as granite, steel and rubber, and are typically used when conducting precise weighing experiments, testing and scientific analysis in laboratory environments.

What does an anti-vibration table do?

Anti-vibration tables negate vibrations and movement caused by footsteps, passing vehicles, nearby construction work and drafts. Low frequency vibrations such as traffic or construction work are particularly difficult to nullify, so it's important to locate your lab as far from a road as possible if possible. Even at the top of a building however, horizontal vibrations due to wind sway and and footsteps can still cause inaccuracies. Even if you cannot feel the vibrations, highly sensitive laboratory balances will most likely be able to! Not many people will have the luxury of being able to move their laboratory to another location, so an anti-vibration table is essential to provide the accurate weighing for lab balances, especially when used alongside other accessories such as draught shields.  

How do anti-vibration tables work?

Anti-vibration tables are simple but effective devices that work by using a shock-absorbing material to absorb any vibrations in a lab. The shock-absorbant material prevents the transfer of of motion between your weighing surface and the tabletop or floor on which the table stands. The weighing surface, which in the case of the Adam AVT Anti-Vibration Table is made from scratch resistant dark granite, is separated from the tabletop by a rubber mount that nulifies the vibrations. There are also rubber, adjustable feet that can be used to stabalizes the table. 

What are anti-vibration tables used for?

Anti-vibration tables are used in any laboratory-based environment where precision and accuracy are important:

Medical research & pharmaceutical production labs

Professional medical institutions and chemists use these tables with approved balances for accurately measuring chemicals in order to create medicines and supplements. See our range of pharmaceutical balances ideal for medicine production in pharmacies and chemistry labs.

University science labs

University science laboratories use anti-vibration equipment with balances for sensitive scientific research, density determination and chemical analysis.

Food testing facilities

Food testing facilities require highly-precise laboratory balances and anti-vibration equipment in order to accurately determine the optimum weight of food samples.

Types of balance that require an anti-vibration table

Precision balance

Precision balances offer up to 0.01g readabilities and are considered more resilient than higher-precision analytical models. In most cases these balances can be used without an anti-vibration table, but tables are recommended for professional precision balances that offer class I, II and III medical approvals. A good example of a precision balance is the Adam HCB 'Highland' Portable Precision Balance, which offers accurate, dependable weighing with a rugged design with Adam's patented ShockProtect technology. 

Analytical balances

An analytical balance features a higher level of precision than standard precision models with up to 0.001g readability. These balances typically come with draft excluders or draft shields. Analytical balances often are used to weigh chemicals, medicines and food samples.

Semi-micro balance

The semi-micro balance offers up to 0.0001g readability and us used for highly sensitive weighing in medical institutions and science labs. Anti-vibration tables are strongly recommended for balances of this calibre.


With up to six decimal place (0.00001g) readability, the micro balance is considered the pinnacle of precision. Micro balances are extremely sensitive, used when high levels of precision and accuracy are critical. An anti-vibration table helps optimise weighing performance when using a microbalance.

Recommended anti-vibration tables and lab balances

AVT anti-vibration table - Adam Equipment

The AVT anti-vibration table manufactured by UK based weighing equipment manufacturer Adam Equipment. The AVT is a solidly-constructed, shock-resistant table required for high-precision, micro and analytical balance models in order to improve the quality and consistency of weighing results. This is also one of the most affordable anti-vibration tables currently on the market!

YPS-03 Weighing Table - Kern

The YPS-03 from Kern is a weighing table that has been designed to absorb vibrations and oscillations which could ultimately disrupt weighing results. Table features a powdered steel frame and adjustable feet that enables the device to operate smoothly even on uneven floors.

Equinox Semi-Micro and Analytical Balance - Adam Equipment

The Equinox Semi-Micro and Analytical Balance offers remarkable precision and is suited for highly detailed testing in laboratory environments, such as quality assurance facilities, science education manufacturing settings. The Ewuinox features a 0.1mg readability, with a maximum capacity of up to 510g. It also features an easy to use, icon driven, colour touchcreen display that provides intuitive opperation for users of all experience levels.  

GH trade-approved analytical balance - A&D

The GH trade approved analytical balance manufactured by A&D. The GH series offers a range of smart features suitable for a variety of laboratory and medical-based applications, including an extra large weighing chamber, anti-static coated glass and automatic self-calibration. GH balances are highly suited to performing density determination experiments, as well as weighing pharmaceuticals and magnetic substances.

ABJ-NM Analytical Balance - Kern

The ABJ-NM analytical balance manufactured by Kern. ABJ-NM balances are class I trade approved, suitable for weighing pharmaceuticals and food supplements to be sold by weight. This balance features automatic internal calibration and a specialist recipe weighing function for mixing ingredients and working out percentages.

For more information on our range of anti-vibration tables, please contact us on 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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