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Top 6 Benefits of Using Crane Scales for Industrial Weighing Applications

Even exceptionally large goods need to be weighed, and they won’t all fit on a platform scale. Instead, shipyards, factories, warehouses and construction sites utilise crane scales. This blog discusses what a crane scale is, as well as the top six benefits of using one, and which three we highly recommend.

What are Crane Scales?

Crane scales are designed to be incredibly robust and durable so they can weigh heavy goods, such as machinery, crates, freight containers or manufacturing materials. Instead of placing goods on top to get a weight, like you would with a platform scale, these scales attach to crane hooks, gantries or beams and feature hooks that latch onto items to lift them up and weigh them in the air. Though there are a multitude of benefits that result from utilising crane scales, in this blog we’ll focus on the top six.

Benefit #1: Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Flat scales like platform scales can be inconvenient to use when the item that you’re weighing has an unusual shape because there’s extra maneuvering required to arrange the load in a way that properly fits on the scale. When using crane scales, since they suspend the load in the air, it doesn’t matter what shape the load is as long as it’s hooked properly. This increases productivity, as it speeds up the process and makes it easier. It also increases efficiency when the scale is attached to a crane, as the crane can move the item from one place to another and weigh it simultaneously, without needing to dedicate a separate location for weighing. 

Benefit #2: Improved Safety and Risk Reduction

When working in a warehouse, shipyard, factory or building site, safety is paramount, as there are a lot of heavy moving parts that could cause harm with negligence. For example, cranes, beams and gantries can only handle so much weight before their structural integrity and stability are compromised. Utilising a crane scale helps to prevent overload, as it can be clearly determined whether the load is safe.

This also applies if you’re preparing your load for transport, via a ship, plane, train, or any other method. Overloading any of those beyond their limits can have disastrous consequences, which is why it’s so crucial to provide the transportation company with accurate weight. That way they can make accommodations and make sure no disasters occur. 

Benefit #3: Higher Capacity for Bigger Loads

Crane scales are designed with extremely high capacities, with the highest on Inscale being 12 tonnes. For comparison’s sake, the highest capacity platform scale we stock is 6 tonnes. Without a crane scale, anything above 6 tonnes in weight could not be weighed accurately. Crane scales also reduce movement and vibrations that may affect weight readings, leaving you confident in the accuracy of the results that are shown clearly on the digital display.

Benefit #4: Versatility and Adaptability

Because they’re high above the ground for most of the time, all crane scales feature rechargeable batteries. This makes them versatile due to their portability and simple setup, as they can be hung from a crane one day and a beam the next. Crane scales also offer multiple weighing units, which makes it easier to adjust the measurement and select the one that is the most appropriate.

Benefit #5: Cost Savings

You’ll save money in a variety of ways with crane scales. By making sure that your equipment isn’t overloaded, you’re saving money by not needing replacements or maintenance as often. In addition, you’ll be able to properly budget for any transportation costs by weighing ahead of time, so you can make sure that the price is right. Weighing your products accurately with a trade approved crane scale also makes customers happy because they can be sure that they’re getting what they paid for, no more and no less.  

Benefit #6: No Floor Space Necessary

When you’re dealing with large products, floor space is a hot commodity. Sacrificing floor space to make room for a platform scale can be tough, but with crane scales, the sacrifice is no longer necessary. While a platform scale is a permanent fixture and will always require space, a crane scale only takes up space when you’re weighing. As hanging scales can be stored away easily due to their compact size, or simply left hanging, the space underneath is available to be utilised as normal when no weighing operations are occurring.

Which Crane Scale is Best for You?

Adam Equipment IHS Crane Scales


Capacities: 1 – 10 Tonnes

Readabilities: 200g – 2000g

Adam Equipment’s IHS Crane Scales feature a rotating plated steel hook that can secure loads up to 10,000kg. Thanks to its large and bright LED display, the results can be easily read from a safe distance. General operation is simple with an infrared remote control, saving you the hassle of making adjustments on the scale itself. With four models ranging in capacity, you’ll be able to select the right one for your applications easily.

HFA Kern Crane Scale       

Capacities: 600kg – 10 tonne

Readabilities: 0.2kg – 5kg

Kern’s HFA crane scale has multiple models that feature a TUV certification, and/or EC type approval, so you can choose which one fits your needs best. Its non-revolving, solid shackles stay sturdy and reliable for easy loading.

Adam SHS Crane Scale

Capacities: 50kg – 300kg

Readabilities: 10g – 50g

If a 10 tonne capacity isn’t necessary for your everyday operations but you still need heavy duty, consider Adam’s affordable SHS crane scale. The SHS is constructed from poly-carbonate housing and features a rotating chrome-plated steel hook and swivel shackle. With a rechargeable battery and compact design, the SHS is easy to transport from one area to another, without worrying about electricity. Stay safe with the SHS’s large LED display and remote, allowing for recording and operation to be done at a distance.


Do you have questions about which crane scale is best for you? Contact our team at Inscale.

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