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The Raven Approved Price-Computing Scale Brings Function and Flair to Retail Applications

Please note: This product is no longer available. Please see the Swift SWZ from Adam Equipment for an alternative price computing retail scale.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable price-computing retail scale for your shop or restaurant, Inscale has the answer. We now offer Adam Equipment’s new dual-range Raven price computing scale, ideal for retail weighing and price computing tasks in a variety of commercial settings.

Adam Equipment's Raven Price Computing Scales

The Raven features a sleek, black exterior that brings an aura of elegance to retail counters. With ABS plastic housing, the Raven is lightweight and durable enough to endure the demands of any retail establishment where pricing is based on weight.

A large, grade 304 stainless steel pan is adequately sized to hold a variety of food and containers used in take-away restaurants. To maintain tidiness, the pan removes easily to allow speedy and thorough cleaning between transactions. This is important, as food retailers must adhere to health and hygiene guidelines. The sealed keypad keeps out dirt and spills encountered during use.

Raven price computing scales are trade approved and can be used for weighing products that are intended to be sold by weight.

Do I need Trade Approved Scales?

Any retailer that sells products by weight is required by law to use trade approved scales. For example, When you buy a pound of sliced ham at a delicatessen, you expect to find a pound of sliced ham in your package. Laws are in place to ensure you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.

With NTEP, OIML and EC type approvals, the Raven is ideal for food and retail establishments. For the Raven, these approvals mean the scale has been inspected and tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure it meets specific legal, technical and accuracy requirements. It sounds cumbersome, but the approval process truly helps protect consumers and retailers alike against fraud and costly errors.

Using a trade approved scale such as the Raven boosts consumer confidence. Customers are more likely to trust retailers who follow the law and use approved scales.

Raven Trade Approved Scales for Food Industry Use

Grocery stores have refrigerated glass cases containing a wide variety of meat, poultry and seafood, and it’s all sold by the pound. Back-lit LCD's on the front and rear of the Raven are visible by both operator and customer, showing the weight, unit price and total price. This feature allows sellers and buyers to simultaneously verify product amounts and costs.

When restaurant chefs or line cooks dish up dinner for hungry customers, they check portion sizes on approved food scales. The Raven’s non-slip feet are adjustable to accommodate for uneven surfaces, so it helps ensure reliable weighing and calculations in busy food preparation areas.

Farmers’ markets are a popular place to purchase freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. However, outdoor markets do not have easily accessible power supplies and this can cause problems when attempting to weigh produce on a conventional weighing scale. The Raven is powered by rechargeable battery or AC adapter, and provides a portable scale alternative that can be operated in any setting.

To provide fast configuration and operation, the Raven features 40 PLUs, enabling quick recall of items with the touch of a button. In compliance with OIML standards, memory keys on OIML-approved models are disabled for weighing.

For more information on the Raven price computing retail scale, visit Inscale’s Raven web page. You also can view a video on the Raven here.

For any information on similar products to the Raven, please contact us on 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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