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The Importance of Weighing Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements have been used for centuries as a way to monitor health, boost immune systems and alleviate symptoms that are considered a result of certain mineral or vitamin deficiencies. However, have you considered the process behind the product?

This blog post will examine herbal supplements—how they work, how they are used, regulations, as well the importance of a weighing scale in the production process.

Why use herbal supplements?

Herbal supplements, including food supplement capsules and vitamin tablets, are used for a wide variety of reasons and can be taken on a daily or weekly basis as a way of targeting specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Health supplements such as protein-rich whey powders are frequently used in health clubs and gyms as a way to enhance physical fitness and boost muscle growth.

Similarly, some food products for babies are enriched with calcium, proteins and other vitamins to encourage proper development.

Why is weighing herbal supplements important?

It is essential to weigh herbs and supplements accurately to maintain product consistency and user safety. Chemists often blend powders, extracts and herbs to create tablets and capsules. It is important to weigh each component precisely to ensure the product has the correct balance to combat the problem whilst ensuring consumer safety.

Who uses herb scales?

Herb scales are used to weigh herbs, botanicals and herbal supplements. Scales are used by medical professionals, chemists and botanists to measure precise quantities of herbs and herbal extracts, which are blended to create commercial supplements and medicines.


Types of weighing scales for herbs and supplements

A wide variety of health food scales are available, from small pocket scales and gram scales to analytical balances and microbalances. The type of scale used typically depends on the weight and size of samples and how the sample will be used. These scales commonly are used to weigh herbs and supplements:

Pocket scales

Pocket scales are small portable gram scales for personal or recreational use and are particularly useful for weighing spices such as saffron, vanilla and cinnamon. The convenience of pocket scales makes them ideal for chemists, scientists and other professionals.

Compact balances

Compact balances are affordable, portable scales with larger weighing pan sizes and capacities than pocket scales. Compact scales are built to withstand rigorous daily use and can be used to weigh supplements, herbs and tablets. Trade-approved scales are required when selling goods by weight.

Precision balances

Precision balances come in many shapes and sizes and offer a multitude of advanced weighing features. Precision balances are ideal for weighing herbs, supplements medicines in laboratory-based environments such as universities, chemists, research and medical institutions.

Analytical balances

Analytical balances offer a higher degree of precision (up to 0.001g) and are ideal for weighing refined powders and minerals, plant extracts and medical supplements in specialised medical laboratories and research centres.

Who regulates herbal supplements?


Herbal supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are categorised as dietary supplements. It is important to ensure that supplements are FDA-approved. All herbal supplements are required to display the name of the supplement, a complete list of ingredients, quantity, and detailed serving instructions, plus the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.


In the United Kingdom, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) oversees the appropriate use of medicines, drugs and medicinal products. Certain drugs and prohibited substances such as cannabis, morphine and codeine must be used appropriately and only in particular circumstances according to regulated medical practice under classification.

Whilst weighing scales are not classified as a specific medical device, Inscale offers a wide range of CE class I and II scales that comply with Medical Product Law (Medical Device Directive) for use in specialised medical environments such as hospitals and clinics.

Learn more about our range of medical scales.

Recommended herb scales

CM Pocket Scale - Kern

The CM pocket scale manufactured by Kern. The CM is lightweight, portable scale that is an ideal choice for chemists on the move and is perfect for weighing small herbs, powders and capsules.

Nimbus Precision Balance - Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment's Nimbus precision balance is a highly versatile scientific scale with a wide range of weighing applications including percentage weighing, density determination and parts counting. The balance has precision readabilities ranging from 0.1g to 0.1mg and is perfect for weighing fine powders, tablets and herbal extracts in science and research laboratories.

Core Portable Compact Balance - Adam Equipment

Core balances are compact in design and are the best choice for simple weighing operations. The Core offers tough and durable housing that can withstand accidental damage from chemical spills and can be easily cleaned, as a result, they are ideal for science laboratory experiments in university settings. They are portable, inexpensive scales that are ideal for weighing dietary supplements, chemicals and certain pharmaceutical products.

HR-A Analytical Balance Series - A&D

A&D's HR series of analytical balances offer top of the range precision up to 0.0001g readability. They make highly scientific scales and are typically used in laboratories, medical research centres and universities.

Highland Approved Portable Precision Balance - Adam Equipment

The Highland precision balance is an upgrade of Adam Equipment's Core balance, with the added benefits of percentage weighing, parts counting and checkweighing functionality as well as trade approvals. Approved balances are required for buying and selling goods by weight, and the Highland is regularly used by cosmetic businesses and health food shops for creating health and beauty products. This is the perfect choice if you have a home business or thriving shop that specialises in creating your own supplements or health food products.

Please contact us for any more information on our range of scale for weighing herbal supplements - our phone lines are 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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