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See How To Use Counting Scales With Our New Videos

Counting scales are not as straightforward to use as weighing scales - however, once you understand the basic functions and benefits of using one model, you should know how to use counting scales from just about any manufacturer.

Every counting scale we supply comes with a user manual - but there’s nothing like a short video to make getting to use something for the first time much easier. So - with that in mind, we’ve just uploaded two new videos showing you how to use counting scales from our range. Specifically, the fantastic ‘CCT ‘Cruiser’ from Adam Equipment, and our very own Inscale IXC Counting Scale.

You can watch both videos below.

How does a counting scale work?

The purpose of counting scales is to speed up counting processes, and reduce (or even, eliminate) the risk of human error. A counting scale will count identical items instantly by using the total weight on the scale and dividing that by the weight of an individual item.

So for example, if one item weighs 2g and you place a batch on the scale, if the total weight is 10g the counting scale will know that there are five items in the batch by dividing 10 by 2.

This means that you can place a batch on a counting scale and, provided it knows the piece weight, you’ll have a total count instantly - rather than counting by hand, which not only takes time but can also be prone to errors.

Whilst we’d always recommend using a counting scale to speed up counting tasks, some weighing scales and balances have basic counting functions and can be used. However, these tend to be quite simple counting functions and not always a viable solution if speeding up counting processes (particularly of multiple types of items, and quantities) is something you want to do on a daily basis.

How to use counting scales

Before you can begin counting, you’ll need to tell the counting scale how much one item weighs. Simply add a number of the items you wish to count and, depending on the type of counting scale you’re using, press ‘Sample.’

Then, you can simply begin adding multiple items to the scale and - as long as they are identical to the items in your initial sample, the scale will accurately count how many you’ve added.

To make counting processes even quicker and easier, most counting scales have an internal memory, meaning you can add different products to the memory of the scale - usually, the items you count most. By doing this, you’ll no longer need to get a sample weight before you begin counting.

When are counting scales used?

Counting scales are most commonly used for either stock-takes, or when counting out multiple small items for customer orders. They may also be used in manufacturing plants when adding items to packaging, to ensure the correct quantity is added and the customer is getting what they pay for.

This blog post about stock-taking explains the benefits of using a counting scale.

You can find out more about the counting scales we sell at Inscale, and get help and advice on how to use counting scales, or Get In Touch.


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