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Retail Weighing Scales and Their Importance for Market Stall Owners

Market stalls are an accessible way for up-and-coming businesses or even established companies to expand their clientele. Market stalls may sell clothes, flowers, trinkets and more, but this blog focuses on market stalls that sell products by weight – preferably with retail weighing scales. What is a retail scale, and why is it important for these market stall owners? Read on to learn more. 

What Is a Retail Scale?

Retail scales are specially designed with price computing capabilities. This means that the display shows the unit price and the price for an item along with the weight. All of Inscale's retail scales are trade approved, so market stall owners (and anyone else) can legally calculate prices based on the weight of a product.

Market Stall

Why Are Retail Scales Important for Market Stall Owners?

Market stall owners can benefit in many ways from the use of a retail scale. Here are the top four ways a retail scale improves the lives of market stall owners everywhere:

Help Maintain Fairness

Whether they know it or not, customers and market stall owners rely on retail weighing scales to maintain fairness. Stall owners that sell fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and other similar products typically do so by weight. Pricing the items according to their weight instead of by piece prevents the customer who nabbed the largest banana from paying the same as the customer with the smallest. Likewise, a ½ kilogram of beef would cost the same as 1 kilogram. When dealing with large quantities of items, the price difference between 15 large bananas and 15 small bananas begins to add up.

Increase Efficiency

Most retail scales also offer a handy function – Price Look Ups, or PLUs. Users can store the unit prices of a certain number of their most popular products. When a customer brings a product up to be weighed, the stall owner inputs the product's assigned number or code into the scale, which then calculates the price.  This increases efficiency while reducing stress, as there is no need to personally remember the unit prices for each product or take the time to input them into the system.

Cultivate a Positive Reputation

Market stall owners who ensure fair and consistent pricing by utilizing a retail weighing scale are more likely to gain a positive reputation among customers, guaranteeing regular and frequent visits to the stall. They also have protection against potential complaints or accusations from irate customers – which happens to everyone – because the trade approval certification proves that the weights and prices are accurate. In this case, the customer is not always right! 

Provide Convenient Portability

Many retail scales are portable, which is incredibly beneficial for market stall owners. Portable retail scales feature rechargeable batteries, so they can be used where electricity isn't available, such as in an outdoor market. They also offer unlimited flexibility because they're wire-free, so they can be transported around wherever they're necessary. Don’t want to leave your scale at the stall overnight for security purposes? No problem, simply scoop it up and take it home with you. 

Best Retail Scales for Market Stalls

At Inscale, we have an excellent selection of retail weighing scales.

Kern RPB Price Computing Scale

Capacities: 3/6kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 1/2g – 5/10g

The Kern RPB Price Computing Scale is a more affordable and less advanced option than the Kern RFE. The RPB offers three numerical displays, for weight, unit price and total price. The RPB is perfect for smaller stalls with fewer product varieties, as it offers 10 PLUs.

Adam SWZ ‘Swift’ Price Computing Retail Scale

Capacities: 1.5/3kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 0.5/1g – 5/10g

Adam Equipment’s SWZ ‘Swift’ Price Computing Retail Scale offers you more for less! The most affordable option on this list, the SWZ boasts multiple language and currency outputs for optimum flexibility. It also offers 100 PLUs for faster price recall, resulting in efficient and speedy transactions. Three numerical displays, on the front as well as the rear or on a pillar, exhibit the weight, unit price and price to pay. In addition, the SWZ is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including scoops for vegetables and confectionery as well as printers, cables and software that can be used to send and review data on a PC.   


Do you have questions about which retail weighing scale is right for you? We’re here to help, contact the Inscale team.

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