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Reducing Waste With the New CBX Compact Bench Scale

There are lots of ways to reduce industrial waste using a weighing scale that are common practise. For example, weighing allows you to measure out ingredients precisely, and also ensure you’re providing customers with exactly what they’re paying for.

But how else can weighing scales help reduce waste?

Many industries use weighing scales on a daily basis. Intense use and harsh environments can reduce the lifespan of industrial scales – especially those that are purchased based on price rather than quality. The result? Weighing scales are thrown away after just a year or two of use, greatly adding to industrial waste volumes – and, ultimately, adding to companies’ bottom lines, too.

So, with a greater focus on manufacturing quality products built to last longer, industrial waste is reduced, and businesses get a better product.

That’s where the new Adam Equipment CBX Compact Bench Scale comes in. Let’s take a look.

Why is it important to reduce waste in the workplace?

According to government figures, in 2018 alone England produced an estimated 37.2 million tonnes of industrial and commercial waste – which was an increase of 1.1 million tonnes in 2017. In 2016, it was recorded that one fifth of all waste in the UK was from the commercial and industrial sector. We’re still awaiting the official estimates for 2019 and 2020, but it’s clear that there’s work to be done.

A government announcement in November 2020 outlined a plan to fund £22.5 million to help to tackle industry waste and increase levels of recycling. Whilst it is fantastic to have the support from the government, it will take the work of each individual and company to really begin to curb our waste.

Why quality is important

Richard Storey, the Managing Director at Adam Equipment, states: “We recognise that industry is facing growing pressure to reduce waste. One of the most obvious ways to reduce industrial waste is by providing products built to last longer.”

Whilst many manufacturers make scales cheaply to enable them to sell at a lower price, this strategy could result in a device that only has a lifespan of approximately 12 months. Not only is this a less environmentally friendly option, but it will also cost far more money to the user over a long period through replacements and repairs.

Price vs. quality is a well discussed topic for consumers and they remain the two defining factors when making a purchase. Recent studies are beginning to show that many are now willing to purchase higher quality goods even if it means spending a little bit more. It’s hard to know for certain what has spurred the change, but it’s possible it could this be a result of a more environmentally conscious society.

How long do weighing scales last?

The average lifespan of a weighing scale in a typical industrial setting is one to two years, depending on how it is used. Your scale’s lifespan will be shortened by a number of variables, including frequent or rigorous use, as well as operating in a dirty or dusty environment. To ensure that your scale lasts as long as possible, make sure to clean it down regularly according to relevant guidelines, store in a safe and secure location, and calibrate often to guarantee reliable results.

Introduction to the CBX Compact Bench Scale

The new CBX compact bench scale from UK weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment aims to tackle the issue of industrial and commercial waste head-on with its robust design that is built to last longer. The scale is built from ABS plastic – a material that is known for being able to withstand strong physical impacts as well as having substantial resistance to corrosive chemical. Combined with a grade 304 stainless steel weighing pan, the CBX is easy to clean and wipeable in case of any spillages.

The scale also features a parts counting function and a rechargeable battery to enable users to weigh on-the-go. External calibration allows users to calibrate at home with weights without the need for an engineer. The CBX compact bench scale is also backed with a 24-month warranty.

Contact us for more information on the CBX. Our phone lines are 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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