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Our 5 Recommended Weighing Scales for Breweries

Let’s raise a toast to breweries for providing us all with delicious alcoholic beverages! We all know that the brewing process isn’t simple, there’s a lot to do before the beer is poured into our glasses. Make the process smoother and easier with weighing scales. This blog will discuss why breweries need weighing scales and which weighing scales we recommend for breweries.

Why Do Breweries Need Weighing Scales?

Weighing scales are used for more steps in the brewing process than you would initially believe.

Let’s start from the beginning. Once you’ve found the right combination of ingredients to make your brew, you want to recreate it perfectly every time. A weighing scale can help ensure this consistency, so each batch is exactly like the last, whether it’s made by a seasoned employee or one that’s freshly hired. This also makes it easier to cut down on waste, as you can better estimate how much of each ingredient you need to purchase.

Different weighing scales offer features that make them an asset to breweries. For example, many weighing scales offer checkweighing and check counting functions, which is extremely helpful for guaranteeing that barrels of alcohol are all the same weight. Large brewing companies would then be able to distribute their product to smaller breweries with the knowledge that they are delivering what the customer asked for, no more and no less. For more ways weighing scales can benefit breweries, check out Adam Equipment’s blog post Choosing the Right Scale for a Brewery.

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Recommended Weighing Scales for Breweries

Let’s look at our top five recommendations for your brewery:

Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale

Capacity: 3kg – 30kg

Readability: 0.5g – 5g

The Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale is IP68-rated with stainless steel construction for maximum protection against dust and water ingress. The IWS can handle damp, wet, humid, and dusty environments with ease, making it perfect for brewery warehouses where spills are a possibility. With a rechargeable battery, IWS can be taken anywhere you need it to be, even in locations with unreliable or no electricity. Make your brewery more efficient with the IWS’s built-in checkweighing application as well!

CPWplus S Bench Scales

Capacity: 6kg – 200kg

Readability: 2g – 50g

The CPWplus S can be used on a floor or a bench, depending on how much space you have available. With a stainless steel platform base, the CPWplus S is durable and easy to clean. This range is perfect for weighing ingredients and mid-sized barrels, with a handy hold feature to make weighing moving liquid easier!

Gladiator Waterproof Floor Scale

Capacity: 8kg – 300kg

Readability: 0.2g – 10g

Adam Equipment’s Gladiator is a highly durable IP68-rated stainless steel floor scale, protected against dirt, spills, and corrosion over time. Gladiator offers checkweighing, parts counting, animal/dynamic weighing and a hold function to make all brewery processes easier. If your brewery sells alcohol that changes price based on its weight, Adam Equipment also offers a trade approved Gladiator range.

PT Platform with GK indicator

Capacity: 1 Tonne – 3 Tonne

Readability: 200g – 500g

Adam’s PT platform scale with GK indicator has an impressive capacity, ready to take on any pallets, crates, barrels, or containers in your brewery setting. Paired with a GK indicator, the PT platform can perform checkweighing and can also be connected to printers and PCs. Being splashproof and constructed from ABS housing, the GK is a tough durable, the perfect partner with the PT. Want a platform scale that has better protection from wet spills and messes? Adam Equipment also offers the mighty PT Stainless Steel Platform.

PTM Steel Drum & Barrel Scale

Capacity: 500kg

Readability: 100g

The PTM Steel Drum & Barrel Scale is a more affordable alternative to the PT platform. The PTM is perfectly sized for quick and easy weighing of barrels and kegs, with convenient features such as its non-slip mild steel surface and built-in ramps. Pair the PTM with your favorite indicator option and you’ll be weighing barrels and kegs quickly and easily in your brewery.


Have questions about which weighing scale is right for your brewery? Contact the Inscale team.

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