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New Retail Scales Video: Get The Most From Your Swift

Retail scales are essential for shops or market stalls where the price of items sold is based on their weight.

Getting a price for an item using a retail scale is easy - but most good retail scales will have multiple features that will help you weigh with greater accuracy, get a price for an item quicker and, ultimately provide a better service to your customers.

If you have, or are considering buying, the SWZ ‘Swift’ Price Computing Retail Scale from Adam Equipment, we have a new video that can help you get to grips with it quicker.

Watch the video below, and then see our summary underneath.

How to use tare on your retail scale

Adam Equipment’s Swift, like most retail scales, has a tare function. This allows you to remove the weight from the display: for example, if you need to weigh fresh meat on the scale but would prefer the meat to be on a plate or tray, you can remove the weight of the plate or tray.

To do this, simply add the plate or tray to the scale and press ‘Tare’. Then, when you add the meat, on the plate, to the scale, the display will show the weight of the meat only, and not the plate or tray.

How to store items in your retail scale’s memory

To store the price of an item, press the ‘Kilo/100g’ button - this allows you to toggle between storing the price per kilo and the price per 100g.

You can then use the numeric keypad to enter the price per kilo or 100g for the item.

Next, press the ‘PLU’ button. Press the ‘1’ button once so that the display shows ‘Store’, and press the ‘Tare’ button to confirm.

The bottom left display will show the position of the item in the memory, and you can use the numeric keypad to confirm the position. Pressing ‘Tare’ will then confirm the position of the item in the memory.

How to recall items in your retail scale’s memory

You can recall a PLU by pressing the ‘PLU’ button, pressing ‘Tare’ and then selecting the position of the item using the numeric keypad. Press ‘Tare’ to confirm, and with the item on the scale, the display will show your price per kilo or 100g.

Find out more about the Swift

The Swift is the most popular retail scale in the Inscale range. You can find out more about how to use it by downloading the user manual from the product page. Alternatively, call us on 01908 972 660 or Get In Touch.

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