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Microscopes Now Offered by Measurement Shop UK

Inscale UK are pleased to announce that sister-site Measurement Shop UK are now selling a wide selection of microscopes and optical devices manufactured by Kern.

Microscopes are optical instruments often used by scientists and professionals for examining specimens that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are frequently used in laboratories for analysing mammal cells, tissues, plant fibres and fossils.

More advanced microscopes can be used for specialist medical research in order to detect and collect data on cell mutations in human blood cells, bacteria, viruses and allergies. This data can then be used to formulate treatments and vaccinations.

The Measurement Shop UK offers an extensive range of Kern digital microscopes, including stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, inverted or compound microscopes. They also sell a variety of light microscopes for fluorescence, polarising and phase contrast microscopy.

Click the following link to see the Measurement Shop’s range of microscopes for sale.

The Measurement Shop have also created an in-depth guide to microscopes, answering common questions such as: What is a microscope? Why are they neccessary? And, how to use a microscope? They also include advice on what to look for when buying the best microscope for your needs. Click this link to learn more.

About the Measurement Shop

Measurement Shop UK are an associated website of Inscale UK that specialise in measurement equipment and precision weighing devices. Products include potentiometers, load cells, microscopes and other measurement devices. See the for more details.

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