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Measuring Sandwich Filling With A Food Scale

The food industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world, from small catering companies and deli shops to large scale supermarket chains and retail stores. More recently, as consumers we have become accustomed to a take-out culture with an emphasis on speed while retaining the same, expected high standard. Whilst large supermarkets are equipped to handle this, small deli shops and catering companies work usually work on a smaller scale, with smaller profit opportunities, and are usually confined to a localised area. It is therefore essential that every product sold of the same high standard and efficiently made to minimise waste. 

So, how can this be done?

Measuring sandwich filling means less waste, and customers get value for money. In this blog post,  we'll show how time and money can be saved by using an accurate food weighing scale.

Why use a food scale?

Food scales are essential pieces of weighing equipment for any business in the food industry - whether that's factories or delis. Food scales can be used to weigh ingredients and checkweigh finished products. For example, if I own a local deli business with a trademark sandwich range, I want to ensure that each sandwich tastes delicious everytime. By weighing the sandwich ingredients you are guaranteed to have the right balance of filling everytime as well as reduce waste product from estimated portion sizes, ultimately saving you money.

Historically in England, bakeries were required by law to use standardised measurements for loaves of bread and other baked goods in accordance with the 1822 Bread Act, actively legislated until September 2008. Despite this, when selling food products commercially by weight, businesses are still required to use a certified trade approved food scale. To learn more, see our page on trade approved scales for the food industry.

Using the A&D FS-i washdown checkweighing scale for sandwich filling

The FS-i waterproof checkweigher scale has been well accepted in the market because of its ultrafast response time of just 0.5 second, brightly coloured 3 comparator lights and waterproof IP-65 certified stainless steel construction. Following the initial success and in response to customer feedback we are now able to offer FS-i with improved functionality.

Using the scale for sandwich filling

A&D's newly added Auto Tare function, combined with Negative Weighing, make an ideal combination in a wide variety of applications, including many food and farming applications like pizza toppings or the weighing of “punnets” of strawberries, mushrooms etc. Another well known example is the “Sandwich Filling” application. Use 3 units of FS-i checkweighing scale in a line for a bunch of bacon, lettuce and tomato in each container. Take the required amount of ingredients out of each container, you will see the green OK comparator light on and the negative value listed on the display which is automatically tared to Zero for the next batch. Taking too much, or too little out of the container will bring up a red or yellow light to indicate an incorrect weight.

This “filling” process is significantly faster than manual assembly during every step, greatly improving efficiency.

Features of the FS-i Checkweighing Scale

  • Waterproof IP-65 certified stainless steel construction
  • NSF accredited – Higher standards for hygiene, ideal for use in food processing and packing environments
  • Sandwich-filling-made-easy-logos EC Trade Approved
  • Ultra fast response speed – 0.5 second
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Brightly coloured comparator lights + Analog sweep display
  • Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (option)
  • RS-232C + Relay output (option)
  • RS-422/485 + Relay output (option)

Othee weighing scales for sandwich filling

Simpler weighing scales can be used for measuring sandwich filling and, although not as quick to se as the FS-i, still help to ensure accurate, consistent fillings.

The Adam Equipment Cruiser CKT is an easy to use checkweighing scale, with a 304 food grade stainless steel pan. Its checkweighing functions mean you can set the required weight for a sandwich filling, and the scale will alert the user if the filling is above or below the required amount.

The Inscale IWS Waterproof Scale is fully equipped for environments where it's likely to get wet or nede regular, thorough cleaning down. This IP68 stainless steel scale is extremely tough, and although it doesn't boast the advanced checkweighing benefits of Adam Equipment's Cruiser, it does have a high/low limits alarm. Go for the 3kg x 0.5g option.

The simplest option, albeit without checkweighing features, is the Adam Equipment CBX Bench Scale. This simple but rugged bench scale will provide accurate measurements for weighing out ingredients and is the lowest-priced option available here.

If you require more information about how weighing scales can benefit your bakery or sandwich shop or for any questions regarding the FS-i checkweigher please Get In Touch.

We offer a full selection of deli, bakery, butcher and professional kitchen scales that are specially selected for there enhanced waterproof, checkweighing and food portioning abilites.

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