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Make Your Pizza Business Profitable With The CPWplus Weighing Scale

Pizza is one of the UK's much-loved food varieties due to its simple, quick and versatile nature. The nation's love of pizza has even prompted YouGov to release a pizza poll to determine our favourite toppings, as well as controversial topping combinations considered wrong when used on our pizza. With strong opinions on how pizza should be made, pizza businesses face difficult decisions on how to make pizza that caters to individual customer taste and as well as run a financially profitable business that can measure costs.

In this blog, we'll be looking at how to make your pizza business more profitable with the help of the CPWplus weighing scale from Adam Equipment.

Top 3 ways food businesses lose profit

  1. Spoilage - Food spoilage is a constant fear for businesses within the food industry. It is essential for businesses to reduce spoilage as much as possible through careful stocktaking.
  2. Over-Use of Ingredients - Leading on from spoilage, businesses need to keep track of the ingredients used within EACH of their products. Too much or too little of any ingredients can lead to product quality issues, potential customer complaints and the need to re-order more of certain ingredients. These will continue to chip away at your profit margins. 
  3. Shrinkage - A combination of loss from waste, theft and other variables. Spoilage tends to make up a large portion of food waste, however, customer complaints feature as a close second. Standardisation can be a good way of avoiding customer complaints about too little cheese or too much pineapple. Standardising your pizza creates a perfect balance between food usage and customer satisfaction.

Have you ever considered how much money pizza-making businesses lose each year?

The over-use of ingredients due to hand-thrown measurements contributes to a reduction in turnover for a business. Whilst a weekend pizza chef may not be too worried, pizza businesses should consider the impact of repeated topping overuse. Hand-thrown ingredients place potential profit in the hands of your employees. And, as silly as it seems, larger hands have the potential to use more of your ingredients. Of course you cannot replace all your larger-handed employees, but businesses can standardise the ingredients used by weighing these out accordingly. In doing this, you can begin to measure ingredients and topping distribution which will allow you to accurately follow the production process.

How to make your pizza profitable

Weighing is an essential part of pizza production for any business wanting to turn a substantial profit.

Measuring pizza toppings as they are placed on the pizza dough is a good way of maintaining a cost-effective pizzeria. Adam's CPWplus is an ideal weighing scale for pizza. Featuring a large weighing pan, the CPWplus will allow you to place the rolled out pizza dough on top of the scale. The CPWplus uses a zero/ tare button for resetting measurements which will allow you to weigh each ingredient as it is placed on to the pizza base.

Alternatively, to save time you could record a total pizza weight that can be used as a reference tool within the kitchen before the pizza is cooked. For example a marinara may weigh slightly heavier than your basic margherita pizza due to a need for more ingredients. You could record the overall weight of pizza pre-cooking, to ensure a standardised weight for that particular pizza type.

If you own a pizza business with chilled storage you can use the CPWplus to measure your ingredients out into portioned containers or individual portions to be placed aside until needed. Place a container on the pan, tare, then add the ingredient or topping you want to weigh into the container to obtain the weight. The display hold feature will keep the reading on the display so you have time to record the weight.


Successful pizza businesses stock-take, standardise, and measure ingredients accurately and consistently. Keeping accurate records of stock will increase the efficiency of your business, from development to distribution, helping employees deliver a standardised product that has the potential to result in lots of happy, returning customers.

The CPWplus weighing scales provide an efficient and effective way to keep control of the pizza production process. They allow you to track costs to determine profit and make further predictions on the overall success of your business.

Adam Equipment's CPWplus weighing scales

Ideal for restaurants, pizzerias and catering applications, the CPWplus is a versatile weighing scale series including bench scales, platform scales, and wheeled scales. The CPWplus offers durable construction with a large, grade 304 stainless steel pan and easy-to-clean indicators.

The keypad uses colour-coded keys for quick recognition and a vivid, backlit LCD display that is visible in any lighting conditions. The scale makes use of auto-power off functions to save energy and operates with AC adapter or batteries.

The CPWplus offers a range of weighing capacities from 6kg to 300kg and pan sizes from 300x300mm to 900x600mm.

We also stock a wide range of weighing scales with trade approvals, IP waterproof-ratings and checkweighing that are perfect for pizzerias and professional restaurant kitchens. For any information on this or the CPWplus, please contact us on 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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