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Introduction to The Inscale IXC Counting Scale

The new IXC Counting Scale from Inscale is here and it aims to achieve highly accurate counting applications at a low cost. It adds to our already vast and varied range of counting scales and is the direct replacement for the IBC range, which was our second biggest selling product to date. For this blog, we’re going to have a first look at the brand new IXC and showcase exactly what it can do for you.

What is a counting scale?

Let’s quickly explain what a counting scale before we go any further. A counting scale is a type of weighing machine that is able to count multiple subjects to help save time and make counting tasks faster and more efficient. They are very versatile and can be used for counting a wide variety of different subjects, most commonly screws, nuts and bolts, coins, machine parts and much more.

They work by taking the weight of one sample item and then simply dividing the total weight of multiple items by the weight of the sample. For more information on counting scales and why you need one, please see our blog post; Inscale’s Guide to Finding the Best Counting Scale.

4 reasons to buy the IXC Counting Scale

The IXC comes with a range of features that aim to make every day weighing and counting tasks easier, simpler and faster.

Accurate counting features

First and foremost, it’s the accurate counting feature that makes the IXC so impressive. This is quick and simple to set up and will make counting tasks and stocktaking far more efficient – saving your business time and money. As well as this, the IXC features an accumulation function that can be used to totalise the counted data from your workday. There is also inbuilt memory that can be used to store your commonly counted items, which is hugely beneficial if you are weighing and counting the same subjects each day.


Versatility is another important aspect of the IXC. This scale would be well suited for stock taking tasks, dispatch departments, warehouse and other industrial environments alike and is comfortable weighing anything from screws to leaflets. If you plan on using your scale for counting or weighing more than one type of subject, then the IXC should be a serious consideration. As well as this, for even further variation the scale is available in 4 different models, each with different maximum capacitates ranging from 3kg to 30kg, and readabilities ranging from 0.1g to 1g for even further variation.



The IXC prides itself on being extremely affordable, all whilst retaining a high level of accuracy and overall quality. It is currently the cheapest counting scale on offer from Inscale, and according to our Sales Manager Robert Taylor, it might just be the cheapest on the market with this amount of unique features and level of accuracy.

Simple to operate 

Making our scales easy to operate is something that we think is really important and the IXC is no exception. The backlit display is easy to read and is set up with three separate screens – total weight, unit weight and overall count. It is also easy to set up with large adjustable feet and an inbuilt level indicator. For a more in-depth look at how to correctly set up you IXC, please see the product page.

For more information on our IXC range of counting scales, please contact us by phone on 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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