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Inscale's Big Weighing Scale Clearance

Inscale UK are now selling a wide selection of reduced-to-clear weighing scales, balances and accessories.

We stock top-quality weighing machines in great condition; from custom, high-calibre platform scales to cheap digital kitchen scales.

Our high-precision balances and moisture analysers are brand new and come with the original box, adapters and related parts. We have a selection of different models to choose from offering a variety of readabilities, weight capacities and weighing functions. These products are ideal for jewellers, lab technicians and food analysts.

Our portable, lightweight compact balances are fully equipped for kitchen environments, offering simple and straightforward operation, compact design and portability. Many of our compact scales and balances have a stainless steel top pan that allows the machine to be easily cleaned down after use to maintain food hygiene.

We stock a wide selection of cheap industrial weighing scales including bench counting scales, crane scales and weighing platforms. Our crane scale models have max weight capacities ranging from 30kg to 1000kg and come with their original boxes, shackle and batteries (where required). Weighing platforms have been fitted with custom indicators that allow the user to conduct a whole host of weighing functions including accumulation, parts counting and checkweighing.

We also sell a range of accessories including bird cones, clips and hook attachments for Pesola spring scales, as well as a selection of used, Chinese-made M1 block calibration weights for calibrating larger platform scales a related weighing platforms.

All of our weighing scales and balances have been checked, tested and come with a mains adapter. We welcome offers on all products listed over £100 – To make an offer please call us directly on 01908 972 660 or Get In Touch.

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