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Inscale's Best Commercial Bakery Scales

Having the correct professional baking tools and equipment is crucial to making consistent, high quality produce, and a baking scale is right up there with the most important. Selecting the right one can be difficult as there are many considerations to make and a wealth of weighing features to choose from on modern bakery scales, but this blog aims to change all that as we look at what we think are our best commercial bakery scales.

What kind of scales do professional bakers use?

Let’s begin with the basics before we go any further - professional bakers use commercial food scales to weigh ingredients, such as flour and sugar. The use of bakery scales is imperative to the production process as it ensures complete conformity in your produce, whish in turn boosts the quality of your baking and your customer satisfaction. For more information on the importance of using baking scales commercially, please see  our blog post: Bakeries: Why you should use an accurate weighing scale for baking.

Inscale’s best commercial baking scales

Adam Aqua ABW Washdown Bench Scale

Versatile and durable, the ABW from British weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment is a premium bench scale with an impressive IP67 rating. This protects the scale from solid or liquid ingress such as flour, sugar, eggs or water, and allows users to fully submerge their scale and spray down thoroughly to clean, ensuring good hygiene is maintained at all times. The Adam Aqua ABW Washdown Bench Scale also offers users freedom to use it anywhere in your bakery, thanks to a rechargeable battery and a dual-screen display on the front and back of the instrument. There’s also a useful percentage weighing feature that allows users to change the amount of mixture without having to recalculate the amounts of each individual ingredient.

Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale

The IWS scale is our very own Waterproof bench scale and is very well suited as a versatile and dependable bakery scale. The IWS features an impressive IP68 rating and fully stainless steel design, capable of withstanding tough bakery environments. It offers an affordable option to bakeries without reducing build quality or accuracy. The IWS is also a great option for darker bakeries and work spaces, thanks to a bright, easy to read red LED display.

Adam Gladiator Waterproof Scale

The Gladiator oozes quality with a robust and durable design that won’t let you down. The Gladiator range is the best commercial bakery scales for bakers that want a large, high capacity weighing scale for weighing produce in bulk, or weighing large bags of flower for example. Again, the Gladiator it IP67 protected and fully equipped to deal with the harshest environments, with a fully stainless steel design (including a grade 304 stainless steel weighing pan) that can be wiped down easily.

Kern FXN Professional Waterproof Bench Scale

The Kern FXN Professional Bench Scale is a high quality, IP68 protect bakery scale is both simple to use and rich in features. The intuitive checkweighing feature can be used for quickly checking the weight of multiple pieces of dough to ensure you produce remains consistent at all times. There’s also a parts counting function, as well as a peak hold function that can freeze the weight of your subject until a button is pressed, meaning users don’t have to reweigh items if they forget measurements.

For more information on our range of bakery scales or require extra help in selecting the best commercial bakery scales for your needs, Get In Touch with us.

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