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How Topup Truck Zero Waste Milk Float Uses a SWZ Swift to Help Their Business

London based business Topup Truck has been using an Adam SWZ Swift Retail Scale to help weigh out all manner of everyday essentials for their zero-waste milk float business. In this blog, we’re going to be showcasing how they use their SWZ to help make weighing tasks faster and easier, as well as revealing how this forward-thinking company is tackling the issue of single use plastic head on.   

About Topup Truck 

To help curb plastic waste and create a positive community experience, London based company Topup Truck converted an electric Smiths Cabac milk float into a fully functioning mobile zero waste shop complete with 150 items. The milk float started life delivering milk in the year 2000, but after 3 months of hard planning, was recently repurposed to help provide a plastic free solution to the shopping experience.   

Users simply bring their own containers and jars to the truck when it’s in their local area, and then stock up on everyday essentials such as rice, toothpaste, sweets and flour. The products are weighed using the SWZ Swift from Adam Equipment which then provides an accurate price for the product, and then transported a short distance home with ease, without the need of car which many in the London area do not own.   

To see more information on Topup Truck or to book the float to come to an area near you, you can find their website here. 

Why the Adam SWZ Swift? 

A weighing scale is one of the most integral pieces of equipment for zero-waste companies, so it’s essential that they are up to the job. 

‘Durable design and high accuracy’ 

When asked why they chose the SWZ Swift Retail Scale from Adam Equipment, Ella from Topup Truck praised it for its ‘Durable design and high accuracy’. The SWZ range is made from high quality, tough ABS plastic with a stainless steel top pan to ensure that the scale can handle rigorous use in retail environments, meaning the scale will last longer and save on unnecessary replacements.  

‘Ease of operation’ 

Crucially for such a customer facing operation, the simplicity was also noted as a key benefit of the Swift, with Ella going on to state ‘the ease of operation makes the scale very simple for staff and customers to use’. A straightforward and uncomplicated user interface means that users of any experience level can get fast, accurate weighing results with ease, whilst a unique front and rear three screen display gives users and customers a clear breakdown of the unit price, the overall weight and the total cost.  

As well as this there was also praise for the rechargeable battery operation; ‘we simply charge them up each night at our warehouse’ ready for the day ahead.    

Overall, Topup Truck was ‘absolutely satisfied’ with their SWZ Price Computing Retail Scales, finishing off by stating that the scale ‘certainly meets our needs!’  

SWZ on the Topup Truck

An introduction to the SWZ Swift Price Computing Retail Scale 

The SWZ Swift is a portable, trade approved price computing retail scale that is perfect for market stalls, shops and plastic free stores. It features an impressive 100 PLU’s for speedy price recall of your most used items, as well as a fully rechargeable battery making it ideal for weighing on the go.   

The Swift is designed to withstand rigorous use, with a smooth, wipeable weighing pan and surface that means any spillages can easily be cleaned up to help ensure a hygienic weighing experience. Simply add an item to the scale, and then based on the weight of the item and your cost per kilo or cost per 100g, the scale will display the price for the item to both user (at the front of the scale) and customer.  

Users can also quickly transmit data from the Swift to a computer or printer via the RS-232 interface or optional USB interface. 

To see our full range of retail scales, please click here.   

SWZ in action on the Topup Truck

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