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How to Weigh Fish Using a Hanging Balance

Fishing can be a relaxing pastime as well as a chance to get competitive. When one reels in the biggest catch of the day, there is a true sense of pride in a job well done. Then comes the obligatory picture holding up your prize, of course. However, it’s one thing to see a large fish and feel its heft yourself, and another to have proof of the true weight so you can brag to your friends and have a goal to surpass next time.

A hanging balance is an easy, accurate and portable way to weigh fish. This blog will answer the question of what a hanging balance is, why you should use one to weigh your fish, how to weigh fish using a hanging scale, and which hanging scales are best for the job.

What is a Hanging Balance?

With a non-hanging balance, you would lay your catch down on the weighing pan and the weight would be shown on a display laid into the base. A hanging balance has no pan. Instead, you hold it up by the loop on top, either with your hands or with a weigh bar and the fish is hung by the hook on the bottom. The weight is displayed on the screen in the middle.

Why Should I Use a Hanging Balance to Weigh Fish?

Compact top-loading balances may not be big enough depending on the size of the fish, despite their convenience, and no one wants to haul around a regular-sized balance. Hanging balances are highly portable due to their compact, lightweight construction and rechargeable battery, so they’re easy to carry around with the rest of your fishing gear. Even though they’re relatively small, some hanging balances can handle more than 1 tonne of weight. Imagine catching a fish that size! Having a hanging scale on hand means that you can get a precise weight reading right away.

How Do I Use a Hanging Balance to Weigh Fish?

Here are the top five steps for using a hanging balance to weigh fish:

  1. Make sure that the scale is set to the unit of measurement that you want, and that it is set to zero before you weigh anything.
  2. Using the hanging balance hook, manoeuvre it under the gill plate of the fish so that the fish is securely attached.
  3. Lift the hanging balance and the fish above the ground for exact results via the loop on top. The weight will be displayed quickly on the screen.
  4. If you would like to weigh multiple fish, place a bucket on the hook and select tare, so that weight is not included, and then add your fish one by one to get an exact cumulative weight.
  5. Make sure to reset the scale back to zero after each individual fish or weighing session.

What Hanging Balances are Best for Fish Weighing?

At Inscale, we offer a vast range of hanging balances and more heavy-duty crane scales. Here are three that we recommend for weighing fish!

Kern CH Hanging Balance

Capacities: 15kg – 50kg

Readabilities: 20g – 100g

Kern’s CH Hanging Balance offers portability, speed and accurate results every time. It features a handy extractable tape measure at the bottom with a length of 100cm, so you can weigh your fish and measure them too! Not only that, but the CH boasts a peak hold function that enables users to view their weight readings after the weighing process. This is a quality, affordable choice for fish weighing!


Kern HCN Hanging Scales

Capacities: 50kg – 200kg

Readabilities: 100g – 500g

Kern’s HCN Hanging Scales come ready to use right out of the package, with batteries and a stainless-steel hook included! This hanging balance offers higher capacity options than the CH, just in case you catch a particularly heavy fish. Featuring a data hold function and a double display on both the front and rear, the HCN is a fantastic mid-range choice!


Adam SHS Crane Scales

Capacities: 50kg - 300kg

Readabilities: 10g – 50g

If you’re a super serious fishing aficionado, Adam Equipment’s SHS Crane Scales feature a steel rotating hook for easy access that locks into place when weighing, as well as a bright, LED display for easy viewing of weight readings in any lighting conditions. It offers a remote control for safe, hands-free operation, as well as a rechargeable battery for convenient portability. The SHS also features a hold function to freeze the displayed weight and a zero-tracking feature to ensure that the display returns to zero reading. This balance truly gives you more flash for your fish - get it, like more bang for your buck?


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