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How Much Should my Kitten Weigh? Includes Free A3 Kitten Weight Chart

A pet’s weight can be the first indication of poor health or illness - and today, more than ever, pet owners are mindful of how much their pet weighs.

Kitten weight can easily be measured using accurate animal scales - but how do you know how much your kitten should weigh? To help you with this, we’ve created a kitten weight chart that’s perfect for use at home or in your veterinary surgery - and you can download it below!

How much should my kitten weigh?

According to Zooplus magazine, a kitten weight should be around 2% to 3% of the mother’s weight. This is a great rule of thumb, as long as you have the means to weigh the mother. Of course, as the kitten grows, this reference becomes less and less relevant.

Kittens will, on average, gain around 7-10g per week up to 12 weeks’ old. Weight gain will slow down slightly after this.

You can find out more about regularly tracking your cat’s weight with the PDSA website’s cat weight guide.

How can I weigh my kitten?

It’s likely your kitten will be weighed during most or all visits to the vet. However, if you’re wanting to keep a closer eye on their weight as they grow, animal weighing scales can be purchased for the home to do this. 

As kittens will be prone to moving around, we recommend weighing them on a scale with a Hold (or animal weighing) feature. This will stabilise the reading on the display for you to read it easily. It’s also recommended that you use a blanket to make the weighing experience more comfortable for them, and a scale’s tarte feature can be used to remove the weight of the blanket.

Download the kitten weight chart

Our free downloadable kitten weight chart is A3-sized (although can be printed A4 size if you wish) and provides an ideal guide for kitten weight from birth to 48 weeks old, for both male and female kittens.

We’ve also provided a visual guide so that you can check if your kitten (or cat) looks underweight or overweight.

To download the chart, click below, then right click and save the chart to your computer so that you can print it!

Find out more

We’d love to see your pictures of your little kittens being weighed! If you post them on Twitter, include @inscale_scales and we’ll retweet them!

If you need help with buying weighing scales for your pets, or you need guidance on using animal scales, speak to the Inscale team on 01908 972660. 

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