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Do I Need a Waterproof Weighing Scale for Food Production?

Whilst this may seem like an obvious question, there is in fact more than one way in which a waterproof food scale can benefit your business. Whether it is saving you time or even money, Inscale is here with 6 reasons why you should be using a waterproof food scale. But let’s first break down what exactly a waterproof scale is and how they are rated using the IP system.

Inscale stocks a number of high quality waterproof scales suited to food production environments, butchers, fishmongers and more. View our full range of waterproof weighing scales here.

Please visit our blog if you want more information on how to use your washdown scales.

What is a Waterproof Scale?

Waterproof scales, or washdown scales as they are sometimes known, are versatile weighing devices that are internally sealed and protected from liquid. Generally, the term waterproof would be used on anything that has an IP rating of IP65 or above. Weighing scales that have a lower IP rating than this are simply splashproof and will not offer the same protection that an IP65 or higher device will. IP65 and IP66 are protected against jets of water, whilst IP67 and IP68 can fully be submerged and offer increased protection. IP69 is the maximum rating and means that devices can withstand the highest pressure and temperature water exposure.

What does an IP rating mean?

The IP rating is broken down into 2 separate numbers. The first refers to the level of protection from solids such as dirt or dust, and is rated from 1 to 6, where 1 is low protection and 6 is high. The second number refers to the level of protection from water and is rated from 1 to 9, with 1 being low protection and 9 being high. For example, an IP65 rated device has the highest possible protection from solid ingress, but only mid-range protection from water.

6 Reasons for Using a Waterproof Food Scale

Waterproof Food Scales are Easier to Clean

Perhaps most obvious of all, waterproof weighing scales are far easier to clean. Any weighing device with an IP55 or IP56 rating is protected from jets of water, meaning they can be sprayed down after use. For even more protection, a device with a rating of IP67 and above can be fully submerged in water for up to 30 mins. Having the ability to completely drench and spray down your machine will make sure it is thoroughly cleaned without being damaged.

More Hygienic / No Cross Contamination

A waterproof food scale is key when maximum hygiene is necessary. The ability to spray, scrub and fully immerse your weighing device in water means that you can keep it as clean as possible, minimizing the risk of cross contamination or the spread of bacteria and germs. It is essential that your produce remains fresh and uncontaminated all the time, but especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They Can Handle Industrial Environments

The versatility of a waterproof food scale means that they fit into a restaurant setting as well as they do into an industrial food production environment. High IP-ratings make them especially suited to production lines or warehouses where they may need extra protection from dust, dirt, liquid or humidity. Having an industrial food scale that can cope with a more taxing environment will mean less time and money spent on potential repairs.

They Can Withstand Spillages

If you are working with liquids, the likelihood is that you will at some stage have a spillage – it happens! Having waterproof capabilities will protect your device at all times from any unwanted damage. Work with the knowledge that you will not be subject to any unnecessary costly repairs.

Washdown Scales are Protected From Dust and Crumbs

A high IP rating is often looked at in terms of ability to withstand water ingress, however the ability to protect from dust, food or any other foreign body is equally important. For food production industries, crumbs, fish scales, dust or bits of food or packaging can clog up your machine over time. For maximum protection, the first number of the IP rating should be 6. This will protect from all of these things and more and ensure that your machine stays clean and operational for longer.

Makes Food Production Faster

A seldom discussed benefit to using a stainless-steel washdown scale is the time that it will save you every single day. If you weigh lots of meat, fish, or any other messy item, it will be much quicker to use a washdown scale as you can simply wipe down and be ready to weigh again instantly. Less time cleaning and more time getting things done.

Choosing a Washdown Scale

Inscale offer a wide selection of waterproof scales suitable for varied methods of food production. For our full selection, please visit our waterproof and washdown scale page.

Aqua ABW Washdown Scale

The Aqua Washdown Scale is an IP67 rated bench scale from Adam Equipment. They fit perfectly into any catering or food production environment but will also work equally as well in an industrial setting thanks to their robust design. A large display on the front and back combined with an accessible construction make this an extremely efficient and straight forward waterproof food scale.

Gladiator IP68 Washdown Floor Scale

The Gladiator Washdown Floor Scale is ideal for weighing food items within industrial environments, such as warehouse or fishmongers. The IP67 rating will protect from any water, dirt or dust and the large stainless-steel pan can be sprayed down and washed easily whenever necessary.

For more information about our range of waterproof food scales, please contact us on 01908972660 or Get In Touch with us.

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